Interactive Media Management Program - Manage the Digital Evolution

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Interactive Media Management Program - Manage the Digital Evolution Photo by Jason White

If you have an interest in attending an Interactive media program, which prepares students for a career in interactive media development, content production and process management, consider Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management.

This program only takes three semesters to complete and because it is designed for graduate students (those who possess a college diploma or university degree in any discipline), the training is very much focused on industry-specific topics. Strategy, user experience, narrative and management skills in the interactive digital media industry with an emphasis on understanding industry, user experience, strategy, processes, job roles and documentation skills are among the topics that are covered. Here is a look at some specific courses.

Emerging Technology: To ensure that the program is staying on top of the latest trends, this course examines new technology and user experiences for commercial, entertainment, and public environments. Learners explore means of nurturing innovation, forecast new trends, and pitch new applications of emerging technology.

Interactive Digital Industry: As an overview course, this aspect of the program teaches students about the institutions and enterprises that are shaping interactive media today, and about the socio-cultural conditions they impose. Features of the class include learning through guest speakers and industry-relevant research.

Pitching and Presentations: By covering the details of preparing a professional project presentation, students learn design and delivery of presentations. As a hands-on component, they have the opportunity to prepare themselves and their presentation materials to address their audience and speak their language.

Video and Sound for Interactive Media: Interactive media design program at Centennial College requires knowledge of camera work, lighting, non-linear editing and effects. Students learn about the scope of sound design and creative use of audio for new media applications, in particular for linear and non-linear narrative, as well as working with audio application software to sample, create files, compress and plan postproduction of new media.

Experience Design Tools: Students learn the fundamentals of design for websites used through a personal computer. Issues addressed include: elements and principles of visual design, readability, page identification and navigation systems, as well as constraints of the web environment including layout design that works across multiple resolutions, platforms, basic accessibility practices, and managing file sizes and download times.

In addition to their on-campus experience, students round out the program with a ten-week industry field placement that allows them to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. This is also an opportunity for students to network with industry professionals.

After completing each Interactive media course, students may find career opportunities as interactive producers, digital project managers, digital strategists, user experience designers and digital content producers.

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To inform readers about the Interactive Media Management program at Centennial College, Emma looks at some of the courses offered. She also notes possible learning outcomes as well as other benefits of the offering, such as a field placement.

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