Continuing Education Takes Needs of Mature Learners into Consideration

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    Jul 28, 2014
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Continuing Education Takes Needs of Mature Learners into Consideration Photo by Jason White

Entering post-secondary as an adult who has taken time off from his or her education can be intimidating. You may be wondering if you'll be able to handle a full-time workload, if you'll get along with younger students and if the instructors will understand your needs as an adult learner. But there is an option you may not have considered.

Continuing Education is geared towards a range of learners who may be coming to college for the first time since graduating high school and taking time off; those who wish to upgrade the knowledge they have in their current industry so that they may advance to a better paying position; those who wish to switch their careers all together after completing post-secondary education some time ago; or those who simply wish to acquire new knowledge for the sake of being more educated in a field that interests them on a personal level.

Whatever their motive, students will find the education they seek at Centennial College. With over 1,300 courses and programs, there is something for everyone. Additionally, there are three delivery methods that cater to students depending on their availability and goals.

Part-time classes: For those who are available to come to campus, there are part-time classes. They are facilitated from Centennial College's four campuses (Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee, and The Story Arts Centre). Students must attend classes during the evenings and weekends. They complete assignments, may have to partake in presentations and projects and complete final exams. In this delivery format, there are Business programs (including Marketing, Accounting Information Systems, Project Management and more); Communications programs (French, Digital Publishing, Screenwriting for Film and Television, and more); Community Services programs (Child and Youth Worker, Therapeutic Recreation, Exercise Program Management, and more); Engineering and Technology programs (IT Client Services, Fluid Power Technician and more); General Education and Training programs (Training and Development, Teaching English as a Second Language and more); and Transportation and Motorcycle programs (Autobody Mechanics, Motorcycle Maintenance – Introductory, and more).

Distance learning: Students who choose this option should be comfortable with learning on their own as this is exactly what they must do. There is either online classes that students attend by logging into a "virtual classroom" or print-based correspondence, which involves students receiving their course material in the mail. In both options, students are required to complete their studies in a six-month period and then attend a final exam on campus. If they choose online classes students can interact with their peers and instructors through email. If they choose print-based classes, students are assigned a tutor but have no interaction with classmates.

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In her article, Klaudia presents the benefits of Centennial College's School of continuing education by breaking down the options available to learners — part-time, online learning and print-based correspondence.

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