Distance Learning Offers Respected Credentials and Unique Experience

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    Sep 25, 2012
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Distance Learning uses methods and technology to deliver teaching, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. It has allowed students with the many time constraints imposed by personal responsibilities and commitments to attend school. It also reduces the demand on institutional infrastructure such as buildings. As a result of completing Distance Learning programs, students may obtain post-secondary advanced diplomas, diplomas, certificates of completion and post-graduate certificates.

One institution that offers the Distance Learning option under its School of Continuing Education is Centennial College. In this alternative learning method, students have two options.

The first, more traditional, way of partaking in Distance Learning is through print-based courses, in which material is mailed to students. Upon registration in this Distance Learning option, participants receive a Registration Confirmation Letter, Proctor Information Form, Student Guide and all of the educational materials required to complete the course. This option is suitable for learners who may not be comfortable with using technology and prefer the comfort of a pen and paper. A print-based course offered through the School of Continuing Education consists of lessons, written assignments, exams and the various tools for success. This print-based distance learning experience allows students the flexibility to communicate with their instructor by email, phone, or regular mail. Print based courses are typically completed within a six-month time frame.

Certificate programs or courses that may be taken entirely by Distance Learning print-based correspondence include: Business Management – Entrepreneurial, Business Management – International, Business Management – Marketing, Cosmetics by Correspondence, Ophthalmic Medical Personnel - Phases 1 and 2 and SmartServe.

The other, and more increasingly popular, Distance Learning option at Centennial College entails partaking in online programs. This option sees students have 24-hour access to a virtual classroom. Students learn through communication with qualified instructors using online communication tools such as discussion boards and forums, and completing digital assignments. There is also a sense of classroom thanks to exchanging emails with their classmates. There are 40 online Distance Learning program options.

Among these options are: Office Bookkeeping, Applied Management Studies, Event Planning/Meeting Management, Automotive Service Advisor, Business Writing, Effective Project Management, Food Service Worker, Legal Office Assistant, Professional Writing, Software Specialist and more.

Whether they choose online programs or print-based ones, students of distance learning have to complete an in-person physical exam to gain their credentials. Students are responsible for writing their exam on the first Saturday following the course end date. It is their responsibility to book the correct exam date within the time constraints of their course. Students who fail to write their exam by the due date will receive a zero on their exam.

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Emma writes about the Distance Learning options that Centennial College offers to its students. Students who aren't comfortable with technology may benefit from print-based programs and those who are may complete online programs.

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