Get Promoted, Finish Your DIY Project, and have Fun with Part Time Classes

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    Mar 05, 2014
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Get Promoted, Finish Your DIY Project, and have Fun with Part Time Classes Photo by Jason White

You went to college and started your career. However, you feel that there is something missing. Perhaps, you need to start a hobby, have a desire to start your own business, or take a course to advance your personal learning. Maybe the promotion that you didn’t get is bothering you and you want to have the skills to prepare to advance in your career. If you can relate to these examples, then a part-time class might be the solution.

Centennial College continuously offers new and exciting courses that are relevant to several industries. The courses in Continuing Education (CE) can enhance a professional’s credential, open new opportunities for any individual, and teach basic skills in different areas in the lifestyle and leisure courses. Many programs at Centennial have a practical experience component. With the short amount of time spent on some CE courses, classes are designed to be interactive and have students practice their skills as they learn from their instructors. Here is a list and description of groups of course offerings:

Accounting Courses
Students who want to earn certifications in the accounting discipline, can take specific accounting courses. They can also complete a full program to compliment your education, and enhance your knowledge and skills. If you started an accounting program and have not finished it yet, studying part-time can help you obtain your diploma. Several fundamental courses and certificate courses are accepting student applications, including the following: Canadian Securities preparatory course, Bookkeeping Certificate, Financial Planning Certificate, Public Accounting Certificate, and Retirement Planning.

Spring cleaning takes a whole new meaning with these courses. Several renovation courses are offered in May, consisting of basic home improvements, bathroom, kitchen and home design renovations. Many of them are three-hour workshops completed in one day, where students are encouraged to participate and bring their DIY (do-it-yourself) projects for advice. Some courses are offered for a few days, with classes once a week on a weekend for a short period of time. Class sizes are often limited so interested persons should register as soon as the window becomes available.

Bridal Workshops
Several bridal workshops have been offered, including a full day event with a world-famous event planner, to specialized workshops and classes. The target audience for these classes are the bride-to-be’s and their companions, but also anyone working in the industry who would like to learn a new skill or enhance their knowledge. Centennial is offering the Global Bridal Intensive Workshop Series once a week for a month. The classes cover three makeup techniques in three different cultures: South Asian, Egyptian, and Chinese.

College is for everyone, whether you are a young learner, professional, career changer, or retiree. The courses at the School of Continuing Education at Centennial offer advancement and benefits for people willing to pursue continuous learning. Courses vary from specific designations and certifications to courses that will help in career and personal growth. Check out the CE calendar on Centennial’s website, attend information sessions on specific courses, and attend a CE open house.

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Jason White is a regular writer for Centennial College. He has created pieces about its programs, news and events, and school activities. He wrote this article about Continuing Education to attract individuals to take part-time courses to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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