College-Level Degree Programs Offer Respected Training

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    Oct 18, 2012
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Perhaps you want the college experience while earning a degree. Maybe you can't afford the degree programs offered at university level. Alternatively, you may just enjoy the environment provided at college level. If these instances apply to you and you have an interest in technology, Centennial College may have programs suited for you thanks to two of its full-time, four-year college programs that result in a college degree.

One of these degree programs is called Computer and Communication Networks. Taking four years to complete, it offers students state-of-the-art laboratories that are specially engineered for the curriculum. They include uniquely equipped facilities offering VoIP, cellular networks, wireless broadband (WiMax), advanced routing and switching as well as network management. The curriculum covers a unique blend of technology and business subjects that offer an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds for which employers are looking. This college degree program includes a co-op work term during summer between second and third year.

The other college degree program at Centennial College is called Software Systems Design. It has its own unique focus on system design, a blend of technology and business subjects as well as industry placement. It also provides specialization in mobile application development or service-oriented architecture and cloud computing. The program places emphasis on advanced software standards and management. To complement their in-school training, students of this degree program partake in three software development projects. These real-world business applications require students to utilize all the technical, systems and business skills acquired during their studies.

For students who are interested in attending a college program that results in a degree and are looking for a university experience, Centennial College offers bridging options. Thanks to its agreements with various institutions, students can start their college programs on campus and finish them off at the campus of the particular university with which their program is associated.

For example, in conjunction with Ryerson University, students can participate in a Bachelor of Science Nursing program. Meanwhile, the college degree programs offered in collaboration with the University of Toronto include: Applied Microbiology, Environmental Science and Technology, Journalism, New Media Studies and Paramedicine. Lastly, there is a Bridging To Software Systems Design offering for students who wish to complete the Software System Design (SSD) degree in two years, while allowing them to keep a full-time job if they have a diploma in software and are working in the field.

Let's take a look at some specific advantages of attending degree programs at College level. First and foremost, colleges pride themselves on offering students hands-on experience, while many universities tend to focus on the theoretical end of learning. As such, those who attend college programs to earn their degrees will often get to go on field placements or partake in projects that simulate real-life scenarios. Another benefit of college degree programs is that smaller class sizes ensure more one-on-one time with instructors and more peer interaction, which may lead to valuable networking.

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