Becoming a Children's Writer

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    Jul 15, 2014
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Becoming a Children Photo by Jason White

So, what it takes to become a children's writer? Reading children's books, understanding the market, attending some writing conferences or joining some writers' group, and writing even if it's for 15 minutes every day, right?

Most of you will agree me on this. However, this is far from truth. Children's writing incorporates much more than this. It is a specialized field that requires specific skills. Children's media is no longer limited to colourful storybooks and age-old cartoon shows. Rather it now includes 3D programs and films, radio and television shows, games and educational content. Modern children's writers are expected to be tech-savvy and extremely focused while creating content for Gen Z.

In order to build rewarding and sustainable careers in children entertainment industry, you will need to hone your creative skills, expand into new arts, adapt to latest technology and understand the content consumption trends. In addition, you must possess a deep understanding of child psychology and development, legal and regulatory aspects of children's media, conventional and modern content management platforms and marketing of children's entertainment products.

Gaining Competencies Required to Becoming a Children's Writer

Centennial College's children's media program provides you with the knowledge and skills required to become a highly skilled children's content producer. The three-year graduate-level children's writing program Toronto aims to help you learn to create a wide range of entertainment products, such as films, TV, books, games, education products, mobile and interactive media for ever evolving children's marketing. Besides, you will hone your creative writing skills, storytelling abilities, business skills and production management skills.

During the program tenure, you will be introduced to various aspects of children's writing. You will study about integrated media for children's entertainment, the business of children's entertainment, survey of children's entertainment, team building, writing for children's entertainment, licensing and merchandising, product development, project production, television production and children's books writing.

The course helps you develop new skills in writing for children's media, content management, pitching, children's entertainment products marketing, team building for creative production, personal branding and career planning, and TV and multi-platform production.

The program in children's entertainment Toronto also incorporates an industry field placement, allowing you to put your learning into practice, gain real-world experience and build relevant industry contacts that can be used as references in future. You will gain a thorough understanding of various children's entertainment genres and how to develop and produce unique and innovative content for these genres.

The college leaves no stone unturned to enhance your overall experience and provide you with career-ready skills. The program offers hands-on practical learning, training on professional computer software and extensive career and job opportunities. The course is delivered by high-level industry professionals who will not only teach you but also help you to connect with the industry.

Upon graduation, you may find employment in the children's entertainment industry as children's writer, marketing specialist, project manager, children's TV producer, content manager, content producer or children's multi-platform producer. You can also pursue your career as a freelance children's writer.

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