Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Sharpening Your Skills to Be an Expert Instructor

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    Aug 11, 2014
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Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Sharpening Your Skills to Be an Expert Instructor Photo by Gene Haskell

To fully enjoy motorcycle riding, you need to decrease the potential for disaster and increase your skill level. Ensuring safety doesn’t diminish the fun of riding motorcycles. Rather it makes you enjoy it more, giving you a richer experience.

I’m saying this from my personal experience. I learnt driving from my school friends and have been a motorcycle driver for many years. But I feel more confident after attending a motorcycle riding training course. I got to know a lot of finer details of riding. I received training from some of the most incredible motorcycle riders. Now I realize that there is a big difference between the attitudes of college friends who help you learn driving and professionals who teach you how to ride safe and enjoy the activity.

Driving a motorcycle is not only my hobby. I drive to my work place and to my client’s locations, as I’m a sales associate with a ceramic company. So, I need to ride intelligently and correctly. And this was why I enrolled in Centennial College motorcycle course. It was really worth joining this course. I shed down some of the bad habits I developed over the years. After attending this course, I think that I will probably take such courses every year to increase my skill and become a better rider.

The Canada Safety Council (CSC) motorcycle training course is a comprehensive training package. As I said earlier, it’s taught by highly-experienced teachers who are not only certified but are also extremely passionate about motorcycle riding. The enthusiasm is infectious.

I got to practice on different motorcycles, including Honda, Suzuki, VStar and Marauder. Trust me; I became a far better rider now. I realize how many mistakes I used to commit while riding. And it’s even more difficult to let go of your bad habits. It’s very difficult to see your own limitations and work on them. And this is why it’s important to receive a motorcycle riding training under the supervision of expert instructors.

This is a short but intensive program and focuses on all aspects of motorcycle riding. The best thing is that you don’t have to take a test at a Driver Examination Centre, in order to receive your license. As soon as you complete this course, you will receive an M2 class motorcycle license. No tests, nothing!

Not only did this course enrich me as a motorcycle rider but it also gave me an opportunity to connect with others who were really passionate about riding. I joined motorcycle riding groups and made really good friends. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I will recommend this course to everyone who is passionate about motorcycle riding or need to ride motorcycle for professional purposes. It’s a great program!

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The author after watching Centennial Student Reviews say about Centennial College Motorcycle Course where the students can get benefit of motorcycle riding along with learning about is different concepts while focusing on all aspects of motorcycle riding.

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