Three Great Ways To Wear Slim Fitting Shirts for Men

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    Nov 23, 2012
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Slim fit shirts can be incredibly flattering and attractive when worn correctly, but on the reverse, can also draw the eye to flaws and problems with your figure or dress. Men who want to wear men’s slim fit shirts should consider their figure, their style and their desired look before purchasing shirts.

Consider Your Figure

Slim fit shirts aren’t for everyone, especially if you are a little larger in the waist area. Men’s slim fit shirts are narrow inthe waistline, meaning that they hug the body and will be very tight if you are no longer boyishly slim. In this case, you should either choose to purchase men’s classic fit formal shirts, or go a size or two up to find the slim fit formal shirt that suits you best. Men’s slim fit shirts are best used to create a silhouette, which does mean it works best if you are either in shape or have little to no curve on the waist area.

The Executive Look

One of the oldest looks in the book, the ‘Executive’ look can be worn by businessmen, executives, or anyone who has a pair of dress trousers. This look can be pulled off by pairing a men’s slim fit formal shirt with dress trousers, dress shoes and perhaps a tie in another colour. This look is suitable for striped and solid colour shirts but doesn’t go well with checked shirts.

Preppy yet Fashionable

Another look that is easy to pull off; all this requires is for you to put on a pair of khakis, light coloured dress pants or trousers and maybe pair it with a casual watch. This look says that you care about what you look like so you put some time in your outfit, but don’t really want to look formal. Most likely you will come off as either someone who cares about your appearance or maybe as an executive on vacation. Either way, you look cool and casual and are pulling off your men’s slim fit shirts perfectly. For this look, checked shirts, striped men’s formal shirts and even slim fit polo shirts are all excellent choices.

The Rogue

A look best suited to either going out, vacations or any time you want the ladies to notice you, this look combines a pair of dark jeans (Skinny or boot cut), quality shoes and a high quality slim fit men’s shirt. You can add a necklace, bracelet or watch but you should always make sure that you look slightly scruffy but overall well groomed. Want to see this look inaction, think most of the men in cologne commercials. The important thing about this look is that you want to appear laid back and casual, yet caring of your appearance as well as masculine.

There are a variety of styles that men’s slim fit shirts can be worn in, but it is important to make sure you have a quality shirt that will flatter you.

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