Choosing Slim Fit Shirts and How to Wear Them

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    Nov 24, 2012
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Men’s slim fit shirts are currently the height of fashion for work wear, dinner and evening wear and even for more casual outing such as a party or visiting friends. Unfortunately, being fashionable doesn’t mean they are easy to pick out or to wear.

Men’s slim fit shirts are narrower in the shoulders and chest than other shirts, meaning that a man might have to go a size up or down to find the perfect slim fit formal shirt.

Reasons Not To Wear Slim Fit Shirts

It could be said that men’s slim fit shirts accentuate the belly, meaning that if yours is pronounced, the slim cut shirt will not flatter you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the shirt. Usually men’s slim fit shirts can still flatter the shoulders and chest while hiding the belly if you size up. For example, a slim fit dinner shirt is usually sized a half size down, meaning that a size up will only be a half size larger. This is an excellent way to create a unique look without emphasising problem areas.

Colours & Quality

The colour of a slim fit formal shirt can include solid colours, stripes and checkers. Usually the colour should be chosen based on your skin tone and your style. Solid colour shirts are the most versatile because they can be paired with any colouring, while stripes go well with solid colour suits or trousers. Checker patterned slim fit shirts are usually more casual but can sometimes be implemented as slim fit work shirts.

For quality, it’s usually better to go with a higher quality slim fit shirt over a cheaper one. For slim evening shirts or slim dinner shirts, having one high quality shirt is better than having multiple lower quality ones. A higher quality shirt will hold its shape, be of better fabric and will generally last longer than a lower quality one which is why the extra price is worth the value.

Correct Fit

The correct fit of a slim fit formal shirt is similar to the fit of a traditional cut formal shirt except that it should be tighter in the shoulders and the chest. Good rules of thumb include that two fingers should fit under the collar; the cuffs must be tight enough that you have to unbutton them to take the shirt off and the shoulder points or seams should rest on the edge of the shoulders.

As a rule, if fabric pulls anywhere on your body, the shirt is probably too small.

For size, you should be able to raise your arms above your head without the cuffs sliding below your forearm. Whether or not you are wearing a slim fit men’s shirt, you should also be able to bend and stretch easily without fabric pulling anywhere.

If you’re buying men’s slim fit shirts, look for quality, comfort and affordability. Remember that a good shirt doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, but it should be high quality.

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