Ethnic Style of the East- Salwar Kameez

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    Nov 30, 2013
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Ethnic Style of the East- Salwar Kameez Photo by Rabia  Sheikh

The Salwar Kameez suits are a popular loose fitting dress that is worn in many countries all over the Indian subcontinent and with a slight variation even in some Middle Eastern countries. Ever since the television and internet has made the world a global village, local cultures are no longer local. Nowadays, the fashion industry has grown to adapt many things from other cultures too, so it is no wonder that western influences can be seen in eastern dresses and likewise many westerners also incorporate some features of eastern clothing in their attire too. The Salwar Kameez is one such dress which works good for men and women, the ladies variant is naturally more decorative and colorful. The dress is graceful and highly comfortable too, and looks great when complimented with pretty accessories and swanky stilettos.

Elaborate styles and patterns that are worth trying:

The name salwar kameez is synonymous with innate elegance and is a traditional style icon. The dress is often complimented with intricate design patterns and stylistic elements that tend to make your dress unique and stand out from the crowd. There is seemingly no end to the levels of variation and personalization that can be done on a ladies salwar kameez suit, and the dress itself is ideal for both; casual as well as formal occasions. There is a vast array of youthful and personal styles; and you can choose from having intricate embroideries, heavily embellished patterns and even shining sequin work too; you can experiment with a lot of design ideas and find that they usually work out really well. You can come up with creative new ideas for incorporating incredibly new and unconventional embroideries for a more chic appearance, or you can even make changes in the dress layout too. You can have a kameez that incorporates net in the sleeves and neck area, the full sleeve nettings are pretty vogue nowadays. Another design aspect that is gaining momentum is to use vivid contrasting colors in an attempt to make the dress look more alive and glamorous; usually two bright colors like red and gold or red and silver are chosen; the kameez is usually red while the salwar and dupatta can be the contrasting colors.

You can find a very diverse array of long salwar kameez suits to suit your taste; these elaborate dresses are popular not only in local markets but also in western countries.

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