Buying For Babies-Add a Personal Touch to Your Gift

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    Dec 20, 2012
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Buying gifts for babies can prove to be quite a difficult task; especially for new-born childrenas they are not yet old enough to appreciate toys. As this is the case, a sensible gift idea for babies might be clothes. The only problem with this is finding clothes that aren’t boring or generic and making sure that nobody else buys the same gift as you. There are several ways to add a creative touch to your new-born baby gifts for both boys and girls by personalising them.

Personalised Baby Grows

If there’s one thing a baby can never run out of: babygrows. You could really get anything you want printed on a babygrow, whether it’s the baby’s name or initials, a funny slogan including the name of the baby or even the name of the baby’s favourite relative; (for example, “I Love Uncle George”). Babygrows are a perfect gift for new-born babies as it’s a present for the parent as well as the child, so having one personalised would make it even more special.

Personalised T-Shirts

For slightly older babies, personalised t-shirts are a great gift idea. Once you have selected your chosen colour and design, the rest is up to you so you can be as creative as you like. You could have either the baby’s name or a personal slogan printed onto a shirt, or you could incorporate the two to make for a unique gift for any baby.

Personalised Football Shirts for Babies

For football fans, a unique, fun idea for a personalised baby gift might be a football style t-shirt. The baby’s name would be printed on the back of the shirt, along with a number of your choice. The number may also be printed on the front as well. This number could bear significance to the child’s birth (i.e. the month they were born) or it could just be your favourite number. Either way, it’ll be a thoughtful present and will serve as a good keepsake to look back at in future years.

Personalised Gifts for the Parents

If the baby is yet to be born, you might decide to buy a gift for the mother and father-to-be. Maternity clothes for the mother are a wonderful idea, and these can easily be personalised to suit their tastes. A quirky slogan on a t-shirt would be ideal for the expecting father, and he can wear it after the baby is born as well. After selecting the desired style of clothing, all you need to do is use your imagination to make it a unique and special gift. If the baby’s name has already been chosen, then having it printed as part of a funny piece of text on a t-shirt for either the mother or the father would be a wonderful way to allow them to get used to the name.

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There are so many different ways to make sure that the baby clothes you buy are unique. Personalised baby gifts make great presents, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or to welcome a new arrival.

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