Super Style Tips for Wearing the Crop Top

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    Sep 02, 2014
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Super Style Tips for Wearing the Crop Top Photo by Colin Armstrong

The crop top is one of the most popular garment types right no. Everyone from celebrities to the woman in the street has endorsed it. If you are wondering how to rock the crop top in the right way, you are in the right place. Using the help of fashion retailer IKRUSH, we are here to give you some super style tips.

Think About the Shoes
Always consider the type of shoes you're going to wear with the crop top. You have to remember that bearing your midriff automatically creates a focal point. You don’t want to draw eyes anywhere else, or it’s pointless wearing the top in the first place.

A fantastic way of adding a little to make a lot is to wear some conservative, understated shoes to your attire. They do not have to be flats, but they work best when with a simple pair of black pumps. If you are wearing a pair of high-waisted shorts, you may want to opt for flats over heels to avoid drawing attention away from your middle.

Stay Away from Severe
The women who wear crop tops the right way do it by making it look as effortless as possible. It should not look as if you have spent the last three hours in your bedroom, even if you have.

Think about your hair and your makeup. This can seriously affect how you come off. Ashley Benson did this perfectly by opting for some lazy beachy waves in her hair, whilst also adding some smoky eye makeup. Go too severe and it will look like you are trying too hard to look good, and that is never a good look to have.

When Showing Skin Go Neutral
The colour is an important part of your ensemble. We know bold colours work most of the time, but it is not something you want to be sporting all the time. Let uslook at the circle skirt and crop top combo. This outfit is supposed to reveal a lot of skin. For many women, this would be too much skin.

You have the focal point on the skin itself. This means you do not need it from the outfit. If you want to show a little more, opt for some more neutral colours. Go conservative and opt for a colour with a bit more pop.

Confidence is an Accessory
Always wear any going out tops with confidence. If you are not confident in how you look, it will show through. The crop top is not something for the woman who lacks confidence in herself. Not confident in it? Do not feel as if you have to wear it.

Go Baggy for Casual
Whenever you read style guides, everyone always seems to be preparing for a party or some other formal event. Opt for some baggy jeans and a baggy jacket. This helps to tone down the tight crop top and offers a more casual look that can be worn during your day-to-day routine. Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who has exemplified this perfectly.

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IKRUSH have invested heavily in finding the crop tops women want to wear right now. They can show you how to mimic the styles of the stars and put your own unique twist on them.

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