Skinny Guys - Dont Hide Your Slender Shape, Work It!

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    Dec 14, 2012
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Let’s face it; people come in all shapes and sizes. Some guys are naturally broad shouldered and large, while others will be slim and slender. There is no right body type, as everyone is different.

Some skinny guys feel inadequate about their shape and wish that they were more bulky and muscular. For some reason, this is often perceived as more masculine. They might even try to wear oversize clothing in an effort to bulk up their look visually.

However, there is no reason that slender guys should be ashamed about their shape or try to hide their bodies. In fact, slender men should have their clothes tailored even more than the other body types in order to draw attention to their silhouette. Slim fit shirts are a slender guy’s best friend. Instead of trying to bulk up your body with baggy clothes why not show off your trim frame to its best advantage?

Skinny guys can pull off some of the more edgy styles while still looking cool, especially the slim-fit punk rocker look with a skinny tie. The last big skinny clothing trend was during the late 1970s and the early 1980s when fans of new wave and punk wore everything as slim as possible. However, guys should never wear skinny jeans, as it they will either make you look too thin or like you are wearing girl’s leggings.

One of the best items in your closet will be slim fit shirts, which should be tailored to fit your shape perfectly. Slim fit shirts might feel a bit small for you at first if you are used to wearing baggy clothing, but once you get used to it you will love the flattering look that it creates. Remember that slim fit shirts should still be the right size on you. If the shirt is bulging at the seams or the fabric is pulling, you might need to go for a larger size. You want the shirt to be slim fit, but not clingy.

Slim fit shirts can be worn when dressing up in a formal atmosphere with a suit jacket, dress pants and tie. They can also be worn for a dressier casual look with a pair of khakis or jeans and with a sleek watch. This look shows that you care about how you dress, but you don’t want to look overly formal.

If you are a guy with a svelte physique, don’t be embarrassed about your lack of bulk. Realise that the skinny look is totally trendy right now and that with the right slim fit shirts and other fashions you can make the most of your shape.

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