Vintage Fashion Is The Way Forward

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    Jun 26, 2013
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Vintage Clothing
Vintage Clothing
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If ever you needed an excuse to wear vintage fashion, what better way to show off your attire than to attend one of the numerous vintage and retro events that are organised across the country, and indeed abroad. Vintage and retro fairs are popping up in the blink of an eye, swing balls are held in beautiful dance halls, and vintage tea rooms offer a colourful and authentic setting for an afternoon scone. In New York, the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party is held where the guests dress up in 1920s fashions, dance and browse the various stalls for all the fabulous one of a kind vintage treasures to be had.

It now seems that everyone is enjoying the romance and fantasy of bygone eras... and why wouldn't they? Wearing vintage clothing and vintage accessories is an exciting way to channel the feel of an era through its fashion to the present day. The history and culture of the time is almost woven into the garments, which means that vintage fashion is not only about the look, it's about the story and history behind the fabric. The roaring twenties marked a period of prosperity and new opportunities for women: they were given the right to vote, many started working and women were able to compete for the first time in Olympic field events. The 1960s saw Audrey Hepburn starring in classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady. The iconic black Givenchy dress that she wore in the former is said to have been auctioned off for a massive £410,000 recently. So when people buy vintage fashion, they are not only interested in the garment itself, they want to feel that they own a piece of the story that it embodies.

Wearing vintage clothing and accessories is also a great way to experiment and use your fashion know-how to create a fabulous outfit. No amount of high street and department store shopping can compare with the joy of coming across a fabulous vintage gem. Nowadays it is often thought that new is best, and although this may be the case with technology, it is certainly not true of vintage fashion. After browsing through an array of colourful garments, each completely different from the last, you'll soon find the exquisite piece that is perfect for you. Once you've converted to vintage fashion, there is no going back. Or should that be forward?

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