Tips for Looking Suave and Sophisticated in Slim Fit Shirts

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    Nov 23, 2012
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The current trend for the well-dressed man at the moment is the sleek look of a slim-fit suit. These types of suits have a narrower cut and they are a much more modern alternative to the classic business suit or formal dress look. Slim fit suits were in fashion in the 1970s and 80s during the punk and new wave movement and the trend has come full circle again.

Although slim fit shirts are more flattering on a man with a slim build, they can look great on anyone and can really give a modern-trimmed down silhouette. In fact, wearing slim fitted shirts that are tailored in the right way can make you look like you have lost ten pounds!

Choosing a Shirt

Slim fit shirts are designed differently than normal dress shirts and they cling closer to your body so that they accentuateyour muscular build. The difference between a normal dress shirt and a slim fitting shirt is that the normal shirt will leaveyou 4-7 inches of room at the chest while the slim fit shirt will allow you only 2-3 inches. This will cause the shirt to hug tightly to your body, which makes you look fitter, trimmer and younger.

When you are buying slim fitting shirts, you should look for a shirt which hugs your shoulders, chest and waist. However,be careful not to choose a dress shirt which is too slim fitting, The shirt should never stretch, pull grab or bunch up in anyarea. If you feel like you can’t cross your arms or the buttons on the shirt are straining then the shirt is likely too small. A guy trying to stuff himself into a shirt that is too small will end up looking like he is wearing a sausage casing and that is not a flattering look.

A normal dress shirt will crumple at the waist but slim fit shirts should tuck in neatly and not be baggy anywhere. When itcomes to the length of the sleeves on formal men’s shirts, the cuffs should always hit the heel of your hand.

Remember, slim fit means that the cut of the shirt is trim but it does not mean that the clothes are too small on you. Also,you should pair your slim fit shirts with slim ties; otherwise they will look out of proportion. Make sure that the tie length is always at your belt buckle. You can also add slim fit dress trousers to complete the look, which will have a flat-front designto add to the overall slim look. If you are wearing a jacket, choose one with smaller shoulder pads and only two buttons so it will look sleek and slim as well.

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