A Quick Guide to Throwing a First Birthday Party

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    Mar 21, 2013
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204th of 3rd 365: Choosing presents for baby Ola
204th of 3rd 365: Choosing presents for baby Ola
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A first birthday party is a special event that should be filled with close family and lots of fun. Unfortunately it can also be a little more than difficult to settle on options including outfit, gifts and decorations, mostly because the baby is too young to actually have their own opinion. If you’re planning on throwing a first birthday party for your baby you can use these easy tips to get started.

Pick a Cool Outfit

Chances are you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and there’s nothing to make baby photos more memorable than by dressing him or her in something cool. There are plenty of stores online that sell funky baby clothes so look around and choose something nice. From leopard baby grows to customised matching baby and daddy t-shirts, there are lots of options and this is the best time to indulge. Best of all, funky baby clothes make great gifts for baby because they are practical and cool.

Choose Baby Friendly Deserts

Deserts are important at any birthday party but in this case, you should choose baby friendly deserts. For example, choosing pudding or a custard pie could make it easier for the baby to eat the desert and significantly less messy, which is important if you’ve gone with designer baby clothes as an outfit.

Invite Close Friends

Close friends and family are really the only people who have to be present so make sure they are the only ones you invite. A very large birthday party might be tempting but in the end, the focus should be on the baby. Less people also means less work and therefore more time for you. It also makes it easier to suggest gifts so that you get things you want or need rather than an obscure baby toy or something that you can’t actually use. For most parents, personalised baby gifts are a great place to start.

Keep that Camera Ready

Whether you have to borrow a camera or dig out the one you already have, it’s important to keep the camera ready. Consider using a digital camera rather than a phone camera because the photos will be better quality and a better size for printing. What this means is that you will have high quality photos of your baby’s first year rather than phone photos. If you’ve spent some time decorating or picking out funky baby clothes for the birthday outfit, then you know that great pictures are important to help preserve the moment.

Finally, decorating for your baby should be minimal. Hanging a small ‘Happy First Birthday’ banner, putting out a table with snacks or cake for the guests, and making sure your baby has a prime place in the room are pretty much all you will have to do.

If you want a truly unique outfit for your baby’s first birthday, consider going online and picking out funky baby clothes. There are more choices online, and it is less likely that your friends will have seen the outfit before.

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