Personalised Baby Clothes for the Yummy Mummy who wants Organic

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    Nov 21, 2012
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A personalised gift is perfect for the baby who has everything. With a personalised touch, you can’t go wrong with a special baby romper, custom play suit or cute onesie. Baby T-shirts with personalised slogans are funky ways to make a literal fashion statement. Getting gifts that meet certain standards for babies like the Soil Organisation Standard is a good idea as this means the items are guaranteed safe and will be guaranteed soft as they are made out of organic cotton. The organic trend has moved into our supermarkets as organic food has become popular, but for most the idea of an organic T-shirt is still a new concept. Organic newborn baby clothes are becoming ever more popular. Start a green trend for a baby by giving them a certified clothing item by the Soil Association.

More about Organic Textiles

Organic materials mean that the fibre production and the fibre processing stages have been certified organic. On the farm,organic fibres are kept organic by avoiding the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops are never used. In the processing of organic fibres artificial chemicals that can also be harmful to the environment are not utilised. The textile factories themselves should be considered organic and should benefit the area where they are, helping farmers and workersstay out of poverty. If the fibres are grown from animals these animals should be treated by certified organic welfare standards. Examples of organic fibres can be natural cotton or wool. These should never contain toxic chemicals or substances, carcinogens and allergenic chemicals. The standards for organic textiles across the world are called the Global Organic Textile Standards.

More Ways to check your Clothing Item is above Standard

Baby items should be as top quality as possible. Baby skin is ultra-soft and more sensitive than adult skin; as such clothing should be extra soft to not irritate the skin. One of the reasons why organic cotton makes such good material for baby’s clothes is that it is a natural cloth that is very soft to touch. Putting screen printing logos on this material is possible and is a great way to personalise a gift that is already high quality. Parents will delight in seeing their baby’s name or names of members of the family on T-shirts, with cute messages like I love you and other wittier statements to make everyone laugh.

Making sure the screen printing is done in a quality way will make sure the item looks good and stays in top shape through washes. Low quality transfers will not look as bright or sharp and may fade over time quickly or disintegrate in the wash.Personalised baby gifts UK will be the best for witty British humour for funny T-shirt slogans. Personalised baby Christmas gifts will help newborns and babies get into the festive spirit with ease and there will always be a suitable item for birthday gifts.

For top quality personalised baby clothes specifically for a baby, go online for a colorful bright range of custom clothes that will impress the parents.

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