Revealed - What is Wholesale Buying in the Clothing World?

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    Aug 31, 2014
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Revealed - What is Wholesale Buying in the Clothing World? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Wholesale clothing is what makes the world go round in the fashion industry. Clothing manufacturers sell their clothing to retailers at a lower price than we would get. This is why retailers have the ability to sell their clothing for relatively low prices. They purchase the clothing at a big discount, and this is usually in bulk.

We take a closer look at wholesale buying and why it is so important for the rest of us if we want fashion retailers to stay in business.

Wholesale Suppliers in General

Your average clothing wholesalers UK are the people who supply the clothes to retailers. As we know, most companies are not Nike and Adidas. They do not have their own manufacturing operations. On the contrary, the majority of retailers have to purchase their clothing from third-party suppliers in order to keep their stockrooms full.

They will buy from the best designers, depending on what audience they are trying to appeal to. General wholesale suppliers are the bread and butter of the industry and a business must deal with them before they can even think of talking to customers.

Why so Cheap?

It is easy for shoppers to look at the price of wholesale t-shirts and dresses and say they are being ripped off by the huge price increases tacked on by the retailers. The fact is, though, this is necessary for retailers and wholesalers to stay in business.

Wholesale prices are pretty much the manufacturing cost of the garment plus the profit margins of the wholesalers themselves. They offer a way for retailers to keep prices lower for customers, whilst also allowing everyone to make their fair share of profit.

If wholesalers did not sell their stock at these pricing levels, it would be customers who could end up paying higher prices. Retailers would have no choice but to increase their prices if wholesalers did the same.

Bulk Buying and Getting the Best Deals

The general rule of thumb is the more you buy the cheaper it is. Wholesalers rely on being able to move their stock as quickly as possible. They use a strategy that relies on a quick turnover. It is why they reward retailers who decide to buy from them in bulk. It is also why independent stores will never be able to compete on price with the big chain stores.

Bigger chain stores have more room to make profit, so they can still make a healthy amount by lowering their prices even further.

There are hundreds of wholesalers all over the world. Another reason why wholesalers have so many deals is that they want to attract stores of all sizes. Since this is an industry based on price rather than marketing style, they have to compete fiercely to attract companies.

Overall, wholesale buying of clothes is the first step in the process of setting up a clothing retail business. Without the advantages of buying wholesale, it would be impossible for customers to get great deals on clothes and for your favourite clothing brands to stay in business.

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