A Step By Step Guide to Tying a Scarf in a Hair Bow

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    Aug 06, 2014
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A Step By Step Guide to Tying a Scarf in a Hair Bow Photo by Johne Smith

The hair bow is one of the most favorite hair accessories amid women who like to keep it stylish. When these bows come from the vintage scarves, then the look is completely different as it makes you look sophisticated and elegant. For a few women, keeping a hair bow is their signature look. These bows are perfect for stylising an unruly dirty hair and also helps in disguising the regrowth.
In this post, we will tell you some of the easy steps on how to tie a scarf hair bow. Thus, let us walk you through the step by step guide:
How to Tie a Scarf into a Hair Bow- Steps to Fold the Scarf

Step 1: Keep a square scarf on the table of your choice that you prefect to wear on your head. Silk or vintage scarf looks best as a bow headband.

Step 2: Fold the opposite corners in the centre in order to get a lozenge shape.

Step 3: Fold a half of scarf to the middle. But, if you have a rectangle scarf, then begin with the steps mentioned below..

Step 4: Fold the second half of the scarf on top of the earlier folded scarf.

Step 5: Fold the leftover scarf in equal half. If wider scarf is your preference, then skip this step.

Step 6: Twist the scarf gently to aid in holding the folded shape.

How to Tie a Scarf into a Hair Bow- Steps to Create a Bow

Step 1: Place the folded scarf over the base of your hairline. Keep the open ends where you wish to place the bow. A few women likes to keep it in the centre, whereas, some likes it in the side. Thus, adjust according to your own likeness.
Step 2: The way you tie a shoelace, just like that tie the scarf in a knot.
Step 3: Rearrange the bow until you are hundred percent satisfied with the look. In case you have a long scarf, then making double knots is suggested.
Step 4: Everything is done! Once you get a bow, the next thing that should be done is brushing your hair neatly. You can brush straight back or pull section of your hair over or under the scarf hair bow.
How to Tie a Scarf into a Hair Bow- A Few Alternative Styles
1. For a long scarf, place the centre of the folded scarf in front of your head and cross it over at the back of your neck. Tie both the ends of the scarf in front of your head. The style works best for the people who have long rectangle scarf.
2. Make a rosette bow simply by tucking the ends under your scarf in order to create some extra loops. This styles gives you a stylish and vintage look.
3. You may opt to tie your scarf over the hair instead of placing it under your hair. To get this, tie the bow with the scarf at one side of the head. It gives you a 20s look instead of making you look wearing a crown.
4. Another superb way to tie your scarf in a hair bow is by using a wider scarf. In this, you will have to skip a few folding steps. With the longer hair, you may choose to put it in a knotted ponytail or even a bun. Place your scarf around the head back and tuck your hair under it. Then, tie it in a bow in the front of your hairline. This look gives you a chance to look like an icon like Rosie the Riveter.
Making a head bow is very easy and simple to make. It can be done within a few minutes with all sorts of scarves. In fact, a torn or old scarf can also be used for making a hair bow. The torn part can be hidden under the folds and gives you a chance to wear your favorite scarf once again. You can choose any scarf that range from long scarves to short ones, thin to wide scarves and many more. Whatever you choose, make sure that it suits your complete outfit and blends well with your look.
We hope that the steps above have helped you in learning how to tie a scarf into a hair bow. Share with us your hair bow tails and tell us which style you used to give yourself a different look. We will be waiting to hear for you. Cheers 


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