Choosing Cool Baby Clothes for Your Friends Baby Shower

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    Nov 21, 2012
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I think my biggest fear is being invited to a baby shower for a close friend or relative. Deciding what to buy without breaking the bank isn't an easy task. When it comes to newborn gifts, there are so many choices available from clothing to toys and all the way to essential items such as bottles and dummies.

The Choices

A few years ago a friend of mine was expecting triplets. Yes that is three babies all due at once, and so deciding what to buy for her was so difficult. All we knew is that it was two girls and one boy.

The baby shower was planned and we were all ready with our plans when I got a call from her husband to say she was in hospital and they were trying to delay the labour. Well as you can imagine, all our planning had gone out of the window.

Anyway, the babies arrived early and spent a month in hospital because they were so small and weak. So we held the baby shower without them and a little late.

The difficult task came when deciding what to buy them. The first thing we all did was buy a bag of disposable nappies each, she was going to need these and lots of them.

The next task was buying the newborn gifts. I chose three personalised new baby gifts and it worked out fantastically. Ichose really cool baby clothes, three baby grows, two pink and one blue and each one was personalised with the baby's name.


My friend was over the moon when she opened up the personalised gifts for baby. They were special, different and something that could be kept even when they had grown up to remember how small they once were.

This became a habit and when they turned six months I did it again, I bought them all cool baby clothes with their names on, but this time it was t-shirts. What I loved is that I could give these wonderful triplets something special; they were gifts just for them and they were always well accepted and appreciated.

My friend has kept these personalised new baby gifts to remind her later on how precious they all were, all lined up in the cot next to each other with their names printed on their chests.

What I loved is that each baby grow and t-shirt that I bought for them was made from organic materials, they were made to the highest quality and best of all the printing I chose was hand printed, this meant no peeling after a few washes. As you know the cheaper printing on clothes always peels away after a couple of washes, these are still stuck in place a few years down the line, even though they are now carefully stored in a box as a memory.

Cool baby clothes make fantastic gifts for newborns; you can add your own message, turning them into personalised gifts for a baby who deserves something so unique and special.

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