Benefits of Choosing Fair Trade Cotton for Your Newborn Baby Clothes

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    Nov 24, 2012
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An increasing number of people are choosing to opt for fair trade cotton as it is a much more ethical way of shopping. If you are shopping for newborn baby clothes, it makes sense to choose fair trade cotton above others as these offer many more benefits. You can easily locate fair trade clothing as it will be clearly displayed on the label to let you know.

Improves Farming Life

A supplier of organic newborn baby clothes will pay a premium on their fair trade cotton which goes to farmers in developing countries. These farmers will decide on how they want to spend the premium, whether it is for community projects or businesses. The increase in the number of people shopping for fair trade clothing has helped to grow the communities in these countries. If you want to feel like you are doing your bit to improve the lives of others the next time you shop for your gifts for a newborn, fair trade cotton is the best choice to opt for. A simple swap of your regular clothing for those with fair trade cotton helps to make the world fairer.

Better Working Conditions

The fair trade label also promotes better working conditions to those who are working in the factories which produce newborn baby clothes. The next time you are shopping for your gifts for newborn babies it is worth bearing in mind that choosing clothing made with fair trade cotton is a much better way to promote healthier working conditions. These include legal contracts, no discrimination, child labour or excessive working hours. The more people choose to opt for fair trade clothing, the more that working conditions throughout the world will improve.

Same Quality

If you are concerned that your baby's clothes will lose quality if you shop for fair trade cotton, you don’t need to worry. The quality of fair trade cotton is the exact same as normal cotton, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose this for your baby clothes. The quality of fair trade cotton is of a high standard, so you can expect to get good wear from your baby's clothes. It is important for a baby's clothes to be as comfortable as possible and fair trade cotton are always of a high standard of comfort and quality.

Better for Environment

Organic baby clothes with the fair trade label also offer a lot of benefits to the environment. Any company who wishes to join the Fair Trade Federation has to prove they are environmentally sustainable before they can use the label, so you know your newborn baby clothes are made in the best possible conditions. These include using less harmful products in the clothing, locally made materials and many of the products will be made by hand.

Clothing made with fair trade cotton offers many more benefits and the same quality as regular cotton, so is the best option for your newborn baby clothes.

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