Picking the best Lehenga for your Wedding Dress

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    Feb 01, 2014
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Picking the best Lehenga for your Wedding Dress Photo by Rabia  Sheikh

Getting the perfect Wedding Lehenga:
Lehengas are the perfect choice for brides who want to look their best on D-day; it is a traditional Indian dress that manages to blend tradition with modern design elements to create a truly unique look. Selecting the lehenga that best suits you is a sensitive undertaking since different lehenga styles go differently with individual body styles. Following are a few tips which will show you what to look out for while choosing the best lehenga for you.

Top Tips for Selecting Bridal Lehengas:
There are numerous factors which can be considered important while selecting a lehenga that goes well with your look; chiefly among them include design elements, color, fabrics and materials, as well as body types. Different people have different preferences too; so no matter whether you want to buy ready-made or stitched outfits, chances are you’ll find our tips useful.

So we come to the first and foremost tip, and that is to look for the right Color. This is probably the single most important characteristic to look out for, since the market is teeming with thousands of beautiful and equally attractive shades. So it can be tough deciding on which should be the better choice, usually you should buy colors that work well with your skin tone, as well as depending on the occasion you want it for. Wedding lehengas can be red, green, golden, silver, and even maroon. Velvet shades are known to be opulent and are therefore quite popular.

The second most important consideration while selecting a lehenga for yourself is to decide what type of design you want. There are distinct patterns and individual preferences play a huge role in determining what you will eventually buy. There are hundreds of design patterns to choose from, you can opt to go for anywhere between circular cut lehengas, to slim body lehengas like straight cut lehengas, and Style-A lehengas. Flare shape is another popular lehenga style which round shaped, then there’s also the fishtail which almost sticks to the body from the waist up and is a slim fit design. You can also see whether you want to buy readymade or stitched.

Finally you need to choose the fabrics and embroidery materials. Fabrics are many and varied; ranging from rich velvet, to chiffon, silk, and crepe, these are just a few of the exotic materials on offer.

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