Into The Arms of The Father

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    Sep 04, 2012
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My Mum had been in a nursing home for many months. She was bed ridden in her room there. She was unable to speak or do anything at all for herself. She was though and I am so completely certain of this-totally aware.
I was convinced God was going to heal her and raise her up so she would be back with me and I could live life to the full with her.
I used to play healing tapes and Christian music in her room and Pray over her and for her. I did all this again and again in such love for her. I built up a very strong bond with her. We'd been close before but now I felt a wonderful connection.
The weeks went on and it did come to a place where a nurse took me aside and shared that Mum was very weak now and would not have long now at all and the family need to be on hand constantly. I in my crazy 'thing' of God raising her up heard all this but still said to myself -'well when the medics can do no more-that's when God steps in- and when I met people who knew her in the street,I never understood why they never seemed to join in with my positive views. I realise now it was just my was of 'handling' it all.
I met a friend a the next day and he said "how's your Mum". That is all he said
-and people had been saying "how's your Mum" for months-but this time something broke in me. I realise now this was God starting to cause me to begin letting her go.
The next day a then close friend phoned me and said "you need to let her go" I held back the tears and as soon as I put the phone down I fell to my knees and sobbed out to God "into Your Hands I commit her spirit"-one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.
I went to her that day and spent some sweet time with her. I spoke her and I said "Mum,it's ok, If you have had enough you can let go if you want to. I will be ok,we will all be ok"
The very next morning-she let go while was with her close by her side right up to her very last breath. Oh my Lord!-She is now in Heaven where I will one day be reunited with her! I think of her every day and always will.

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