It all stems back to The Creator-

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Apples come from an apple tree and contain seeds that God intentionally placed-He created the tree.
Bread is made from wheat- again with grain He originally placed-He created the crop and seed.
Computers we all tap upon-made of plastics made using oil based elements-He created oil in the earth.
Designer clothing-cotton from the plant He made-fibres from the chemical compounds from His earth.
Energy that can be harnessed from the elements He thought of-wind-water-He is Creator.
Fine wine-the grapes-with seed- from the vines He first created.
Gates-of wood from His trees and metal from within His earth.
Houses - you are getting this for yourself now-wood-metal-plastic-fibres--etc--all back to the same God.
Internet-He Created the creator-of the WWW.
Jam!---yes the berries-with their seeds-Him!
Kangaroos-yes!-they must'v been on that Arc with Noah-He made them.
Lamps-the metal-ceramic--His earth-.
Maps-from paper from the trees He made.
Nothing is in  existence that does not stem back to Him--Nachos-yes
Oil and all it powers and runs-from His earth.
Popcorn!-from that original grain-
Queen bees-did Noah have to put up with them too?!
Roads-all the elements of which are of His earth.
Sand!-He is the source of and knows every grain and thinks of you that many times!
Tea-I an going to make one now-tea plants He made.
Umbrella-don't need one today!-you know-metal-fibres-wood--Him.
Vines--those grapes-
Windmills-powered by that element He thought of-made of wood-metals-etc-all of Him!
X-ray-that radiation-contained in His earth---
Yoghurt-from his created animal-etc-
Zoos-full of those creatures He made one by one and had named one by one-all His design!!
-----Wow it is interesting stuff! He really is The Way-The Truth-and The Life!-
He made you-and longs for relationship with you-He knocks on the door of your heart-and if you let Him in-He will remain with you always-Ask Him into your heart to come and dwell there and lead you to live for Him so you can eventually dwell with Him in Heaven-a place only for those who accept Him as their Lord and Saviour-He's longing for you to ask---!

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