Why Jesus?

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Some say Jesus was just a man, others say he was just a prophet, and there are some who say he was a man-made character. The truth is Jesus was and is more than just a man, more than just a prophet and certainly not a man-made character.

The bible says Jesus was God who walked as man in the earth to show man how to walk in the earth with God. Based on the bible we are imformed that in the beginning God created the earth, then he created the man, and placed him in the garden called Eden. Man was God in the earth through the authority given him by his creator, God the Father. Then the enemy of God came into the garden illegally and tricked the man's wife Eve to disobey the one commanment that was given, do not eat of the tree of good and evil. Well, needless to say, the wife ate and chaos, spirtual death was the result.

Fortunately God loved the man, his wife, and their children, who we are desendants of, so much that he executed a plan that was formed in the beginning when man was created. That plan was to send Jesus to redeem man back into right-standing with God. So Jesus came into the earth a God through the womb of a virgin, and walked as a man he came to redeem.

He showed us how to live the christian lifestyle, showed us how to love each other as the Father God loved us, and showed us how to do the work in the earth of the christian, which are the works that destroy the works of the enemy Satan. So who is Jesus, Jesus is the door to which man must come to get back into a relationship with the God who created him, Jesus is the redeemer of man through his death on the cross and the sheding of his blood for the remission of man's sin.

What sin did we committ you say, sin was introduced into the earth by the disobedience of the man Adam's wife Eve when she ate from the tree of good and evil thus breaking the law given to man when he was placed in the garen of Eden. Now, every man who is born into the earth is born into sin. Jesus is the eraser of that sin when we receive forgiveness by entering into a relationship with him. We enter into that relationship with him by asking him into our heart through prayer by faith as Lord and savior of our lives. He then becomes our righteousness, we then become righteous, forgiven and a child of God. Before we do that, we are children of Satan, the one who tricked the wife Eve into disobeying God's command.

Jesus is the way, he is the answer to the problem of sin in our life. When we come into a relationship with him, the benefits are, forgiveness, spiritual life, our names written in the book of life, that when we die physically we can enter in a place called Heaven where God resides. another benefit is healing from sickness and diseases which are works of the enemy Satan. The blood that was shed for the remission of our sins, is also the same blood that heals us from sickness and disease. You see for every strip that was placed on his back when they beat him, we are redeemed from those diseases.

Jesus is also the Word of God that came into the earth and walked in the flesh of a man to show us how to walk with God. He is the Word by which the man who has now become a christian by entering into a relationship with God through faith by receivng Jesus must live. This Word empowers us to live as Jesus did, do the work that Jesus did and love as Jesus loved. This Word helps us live as victors not victims in the earth, and this Word places us above the authority of the enemy Satan.

We need Jesus and Jesus needs us. He needs us to show the world how to walk in the earth as He walked. He needs us the show the world that he is real and that by entering into a relationship with him we can now walk in the power of a God, that created us as gods in the earth from the beginning of time. He needs us to reach out to others as he has reached out to us. This is the legacy of a people who enter into a relationship with the God who created them, a God who came down to save them, and a God who lives to empower them to live a successful life now and in the world to come.

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