Urgent Message For Religious Leaders

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I, Ella Robinson, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and a fellow minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, am coming to you with a message of grave importance. I greet you in a humble spirit and in the fellowship of the love of God.
I want to commend and applaud all of the leaders for their service to our Heavenly Father and putting forth the utmost effort to please Him and serve His people. May God be glorified through the ministry He is working in you.
There is an evil spirit looming over our churches that is binding the minds and spirits of the people. It is the spirit of fear. There are other spirits that are working along side this spirit: the spirit of jealousy, the spirit of religion and the spirit of rebellion. There is also a shifting in the atmosphere and there is a call going forth concerning this spirit. But some of God's people are oblivious to it because of the condition of their own spirit. A lot of people are lost and, believe it or not, these are people that attend church regularly. They have no idea how to hear nor adhere to the voice of Holy Spirit when He speaks. How can you recognize such ones? There are several characteristics for which to look:
a blank and distant look on their faces, especially the youth.
a lack of attention during services.
Seem to be just going through the motion.
Seem to be more ritualistic than moved by the Spirit of God.
Faking spiritual movement.
Given over to gross sins: immorality (fornication, adultery), lying, stealing, idol worship; foul language, disrespectful, unteachable, making excuses for wrongdoing – especially the spirit of homosexuality.
Why am I sending it this way to you? I am sending it to the leaders hoping that you would take the utmost of care in relaying the message to your congregation and to the ones you have delegated to aid in your watch care. You are the leader and laborer for the souls in your charge. It is up to you to make them understand that the call to get our houses in order does not mean the physical house. You are the one they look to for advice and instructions. And, through the help of God, I believe you can and must use your God-given power of persuasion to bring a life-changing movement within the congregation. They need to know that there is more involved in this commandment for order and it's main component is the circumcision of their heart. Get the people in order and the church will function like a well-oiled machine.
Another aspect of God's ministry is the need for us to drop the formalities, rituals, and age old traditional practices and allow Holy Spirit to move in the services. Today's churches are known for their religious practices and doctrine more than the love the members have for Christ and others as well as their acts of kindness or benevolence within their communities. There is just as much, if not more, prejudice within the churches as there is in the world. And it's being revealed much more so now. The worst part isn't that it has been hidden from us, but that these people are calling themselves worshiping God with this hatred in their hearts. We learn from the Word that, under these conditions, their worship is in vain. Do the pastors know about it? They should. Holy Spirit makes us all aware of the changes that need to be made in some way or another. They may have ignored the message and hoped that it would go away, but things like that need to be dealt with. But fear (reverence) of God should take precedence over our fears especially when lives are at stake.
Who am I? No, not Paul. But I share his spirit. I am a woman of God who has dedicated her life the Will of God. My Calling? I am an Evangelist. I have a passion for the people and I am tired of seeing God's people miss out on the blessings of God by being so bound in their mind that Holy Spirit cannot penetrate to get a message through. There are two or more churches in every neighborhood. But they will not band together for the common good. Instead, they carry on unconcerned about what they could do to make a difference hoping that the people will come to them. If every ministry was patterned after Jesus' ministry on earth, Christianity would be a way of life and not something to be shunned or feared. I would like to see churches in each neighborhood pull together and buy abandoned houses and give them to someone in need or compel the owners to give up the property so that it can put to some use. I would like to see the churches that are in my neighborhood at more doors offering help or cleaning up the streets, gathering the neighbors together and helping them to clean up their yards and other empty lots.
Too much of the evangelistic effort is being left to the government. There are some things that government should not handle. And there are things of the government that the church should not be involved. When it comes to matters of upholding moral and righteous standards, the church should take the lead. Instead we are siding with the world on issues of morality and allowing people to shuffle from God's side to Satan's and giving them justification to willfully sin. By not attacking the issues and being passive, we are condoning sin. Jesus said that His church is built on the solid rock (the truth and acknowledgment of Him as Lord and Savior) and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. That means that we, true followers of Christ, have the ultimate defense on our side, truth and the support of Almighty God, to launch an attack upon all evil. The churches are being overtaken by the gates of hell and we are succumbing to its power. We give Satan his power each time we allow sin to prevail. We have leaders committing all sorts of evil, members living in sin, even giving leeway to the homosexual community and saying, 'we don't have the right to judge.' Calling something what it is, is not judging. God has given us power over all of these evil spirits. We don't let Satan use the Word to trap us, but we use the Word (Sword of the Spirit) to put him in his place, under our feet. And we can trample down the gates of hell.
So I ask you, fellow laborers, when are we going to 'be about our Father's business'? What prevents us from gathering together, coming up with a plan, and seeing that plan come to pass? Do we not believe that God will be in the midst? I grew up in a religion that does not believe in mixing with other congregations that are not of their religious faith. I have never understood that. And through all my studies, I have never heard of Jesus condoning any segregation unless it is with those that are ungodly. But He still encourages us to minister to the needs of our enemies. If we put together a mission within the Will of God, think of the miracles that will come from it. Magnificent! God's people, His true servants, whites and blacks, Baptist, Methodist, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims and the like, working together and loving each other. Then we will really be showing God that we deserve to be in heaven with Him. Can we do this? Can we rebuke that evil spirit and send it away from our churches? Can we really do this for our children and grandchildren and generations to come? Let's bring back Christianity like it is supposed to be.
Now to Him who is able to keep us from falling, the only, wise and true God, our Heavenly Father, and to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, be the praise, honor, and glory forever. Amen. May the peace of God be with you.

Sincerely and With Love,
Ella Robinson-Williams, Evangelist, Gospel Writer

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