Bigger Than Mighty, Rolling Seas

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    Sep 21, 2012
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Gloomy skies, obscured horizon – while our vessel is being whipped vigorously by evil waves. Those tormenting hours, we were doomed in a critical, inescapable fate.

The fast craft vessel had around seventy-seater capacity, small enough to be downplayed and bullied by the raging tempest. We were bound on a trip back to Cebu, after attending a simple, civil wedding of our jovial, small but smart office associate which was held at an age-old courtroom in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. After few long minutes of delay in the judge’s arrival, at last, the couple had been pronounced new husband and wife. But, after that, here comes the badly anticipated event of the day-crossing the waters in a grey weather.

We were jogging and sprinting towards the vessel, as the open arena of the port was rained down with those flu-inducing drizzles. We preferred the seats in the rear part of the upper deck, where the waves are visible in a widescreen on an eyesight level, and the life vests are stockpiled just behind our seats. It was dizzy in the dock, as rolling waves hit us uncontrollably. A while later, in the middle of the journey, there was seven of us battling with our inner minds and wit for the near-death experience. I was closing my eyes in prayer and opening to monitor the height of the waves.

There were instant troughs where it suddenly appears as though the boat would subside, collapse, lose direction or stop running. It was tempting to think of the worst to happen. Three girls were very anxious and one of them, a lawyer, panicking in fear, asked if she could grab of the life jacket right immediately. All of us had innate anxieties in our mind. It was those rough times- make or break situations where you barely have a clue if you are going to live beyond the present. And it is one of those instances that I’m pleading for God, busy flooding my thoughts with God’s wonderful promises-through solemn, Gospel-inspired songs and Bible verses.

The heart beast fast intermittently, but when the verses sink in to me as I listen to the music I’m whispering to myself, all troubled thoughts get calmed down. It was these moments, when I’m searching my God, and fine-tuning myself to His assuring presence. I am not through with knowing God. In fact, there were small doubts if God would rescue a disobedient Christian, like me. It was not new to me. I have been in those places a couple of times-when I was riding a fast and furious land transport, or on board the shaky planes; when the pilot declares a thirty-minute delay in landing because of a clouded vision below us; when we were crossing the open, turbulent seas with much larger Pacific waves.

Those were giant times where suddenly life points at you- and, it seems you are being decided out of whims. I am always lost in those battles and fall into ultimate surrender to God. It is the time where God’s wonderful promises are all what matters most, and I am at peace in my doomed seat searching for God’s rational will and purpose. Through a human understanding, it appears your life may end at an unreasonable, irrational dot. But, God knows the big picture. He just plays fair and makes those times a test for upgrading your faith. He is a just God.

He made those raging waves and storms but He is in control. He knew just when to stop before your boat tips over. By that, we can always feel secure, despite of the natural disasters in His perfect creation. During those hours, the words in my prayer gets reviewed and corrected. Where I was praying that the waves may still, I should have prayed for God to give me enduring faith to carry me through. With that, I find the world’s greatest security to offer.

When you are on the middle of the shadow of death, it gives you ultimate security to be able to say, “I will fear no evil for You are with me.” I feel much closer to God’s glory- for who He is, and not what we desire Him to be. He is not our subject that we want Him to be doing this for us. He is a relentless God that knows no limit, but knows the grace that Jesus Christ gives boundlessly to anyone who believes in Him. And for that, he deserves our praise.

When we are fed up with the comfort of life and self-sufficiency, we are often plagued with selfish, human tendencies. But, when we really let the Holy Spirit move us, all our words are guided and in line with God’s will. It takes a real, authentic worship to know and hear the wisdom of the still small voice of Jesus. So, I am thankful that God let me experience for who He is through those revealing wonders of His mighty protection!

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