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    Sep 04, 2012
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These are the people who will always be in your life no matter what.  You might not get along
with some of them but that is normal , you have a disagreement going on with some of them
you will always have a bond there. The things that you were exposed to as a child while
living with them are all reflections on you, the enviroment in which you came from whether it was
good or bad these are your roots or your people as some say. They are the ones who help mold
your character to a certain extent and helped you to develop into the type of individual you are today
believe it or not.  Your environment and the things that you were around as a child has a lots to
do with the way you handle most of your life circumstances. 

As the old saying goes, train up a child in the way he or she should go and when they are older
they will not depart from them. Well to a certain extent, some of this information is correct and
some not.  There are people who have come from a strong praying christian homes and still
end up on the wild side, as to say in and out of jail, stealing, drugging, and doing all sorts of things
that isn't appropriate because of their home enviroment.  Their parents were christians
and didn't approve of any of these bad habits they took up being out there among the wrong crowd.
This is what you call a bad situation when children that come from good homes and values
go astray.  This hurt the children and the parents reputation.  Society seems to blame the parents
sometimes for children bad behavior, which is wrong because parents can only teach their children
the right way to live and it is up to the children to obey and want to do right.  No matter how some
parents try to work with a child or children with behavioral problems, they still have a mind of
their own and is going to end up doing what they want to do regardless to whether it is right or
wrong and don't care who they hurt in the process. They are selfish children, only thinking about
what they want and what makes them happy, even if it is something not acceptable in society.
The parents can only pray for these children and put them in God's hands and ask God to take
care of them, just don't give up on them because prayer do changes things and sooner or later
those children that have been giving you so much trouble or being disobedient will eventually
become more mannerable and respectable and turn from their wicked ways. Let God fix it because
sometimes the problem is too big for parents to handle by themselves.

No matter what  situation some children are confronted with or is exposed to they will strive to
be the best and make their parents proud of them.  They will accomplish their goals and dreams
and will not let nothing or anything get in their way to stop it. These children have their mind set
on doing the right things in life and trying to be a success. Their focus is only on trying to do right
and associate with people who have the same outlook on life as they have, or want the same
out of life. They will follow the right path and that is being a role model for other young children 
household or community, especially if he or she is the older child.   They will have good habits
trying to study hard and concentrate on school-work in order to make better grades so they
can attend some of the best colleges, or either win a scholarship to one.  They will stay away
from the ones who want to do nothing with their lives but throw it away in the streets doing
all types of drugs, crimes and being in and out of jail.  This is what will be a taboo to them. 
This is an example also to show that some children will uphold their  values, if they came
from a christian home they will act like it and be an example for their peers around them. They
will help encourage them to do right and to want to have something or be better or more
productive citizens in society. They will try to help them focus more on getting a good education,
going to college and making a good life for themselves.

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