Being A First Born

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    Sep 12, 2012
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All through my childhood, I've seen the perks and downside to being a first born. With the respect that your siblings give you, or the room for your own decisions that your parents give you, comes the responsibility to lead and become the role model that those behind you might follow. From an adult point of view, this sounds fair, but what if you feel that you're doing your best but the people you expect to give you some credit shortchange you? Kinda stings right?

I've always wanted to impress my mum with the things I can do. In high school I wasn't good at math plus some other subjects. Those I loved I passed during my final exams. I believed I could make up for the ones I didn't like with sports. My favorite were lawn tennis and cricket. During my final year, I managed to go further than I've ever gone in lawn tennis during the inter school tournaments. To me, that was a huge leap. Leaving high school with a bang was my motive. Even with my success, my mum didn't say much about it.

Flash forward to university and I still feel like I don't live up to her expectations. At some moments, I tend to believe that I can see a glimmer of disappointment in her eyes. The worst part is that my little brother seems to be the favorite one. The good part about being a first born is that you've been out there and you've gotten to be the barricade so the rest behind you can pass smoothly where you have, making you somewhat resistant to some things. Though family matters do have a tendency to get you someplace tender.

Case and point- be true to yourself. Things may hide behind the fog around you but nothing of your own self can. even though things worked out like this in my life, I find myself coming around to this place because it is home. Family is home. Nothing beats that.

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Growing up as a first born, it is hard measuring up to everyone's standard especially your parents'. This is something I've experienced first hand as one.

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