The Brother or Sister.....Muahahahaha

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    Jan 06, 2013
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No one knew why he had come.The parents were blinded by his cuteness to see his true,evil nature.The same applied for his two older sisters.Only the third sister knew about his dark side [insert 'Dark Side' by Kelly Clarkson here].She was one of the 'Chosen',a group where people could see the evil in their siblings.

The evil began to show at the tender age of two,when he began to pinch and scratch the third sister,or better known as Shana.Everyone else thought that it was his way of showing affection to her,denying what was right there in plain evil sight.Shana knew it was up to her to exorcise the demon within the boy and protect her family.It was war,and she was ready.

When he was five,he began to annoy her by opening his mouth and emitting noise deep from within,otherwise known as talking.The demon lived within his stomach and had to be constantly fed,thus enlargening the boy horizontally.He kept eating and eating until he was bloated up like a beach ball.No amount of dieting and exercise could reduce his weight.

Reaching the age of seven,he was forced to go to a place where there was no happy endings and a lot of bad hair days,also known as school [dramatic pause].He studied in a chinese school, but the demon in him was so used to lazing about that it cracked under too much pressure and homework.So, his loving parents sent him to a more relaxing,kicked-back school.His doting parents could not bear to see him uncomfortable.

The boy managed to charm and trick the teachers into giving him the prefect post.By that time, Shana began to grow more and more sure that he was up to no good.She treated him coldly and harshly,the way he deserved.There was a few times when he even sheded a few crocodile tears for her.Shana was even tricked by it once,but quickly learned her lesson.

 At the age of nine,he began to develop a few strange habits,like abnormal breathing and snorting.Shana had came up with the theory that he was a pig in his before-life,which would explain A LOT of things.Then,after going to an educational and entertainement centre called Kidzania,he began to swivel his eyes,much like a chameleon.Shana's hypothesis was that there was so much to look at  in Kidzania,and so little time,he managed to capture all of it by swiveling his eyes,something only the demon inside if him could have done.

I began to ask myself,why do I hate him so much?Then it hit me like a brick.He was getting more attention than me!I know it sounds obnoxious,but it was the cold,hard truth.And I didn't like it one bit.Sure there were other things,like how he copied whatever I did.I'll bet if I jumped into a well,after five seconds he would be in the well with me.Or how about the funny way he was breathing?That was VERY annoying too!Or maybe was it because he was the baby of the family?

Baby of the family or not I wanted him out of my life.I'm sad to say this but even though I already had analysed every possible reason[the biggest reason was very disturbing] of me  hating my brother,I still feel like murdering him in his sleep.So to all of you sibling rivalrers out there,analyse why you hate her/him so much.Then try talking to her/him about it.If this  doesn't work,time to sharpen your swords and get ready for WAR!!![Just joking ;{3]



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