Private Wifi Security Keeps Your Information Safe And Internet Speed Fast

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    Apr 14, 2013
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When you are setting up your home or office Internet connection, make sure you have private Wifi for your designated users. It protects you and provides convenience when you log on.

Private Wifi protects your information that you send over the Internet because others cannot log into your system. While you still have to use other security measures such as a firewall and passwords, a private system will also provide an added layer of protection.

When you have private Wifi, you limit who may log into your system. This allows you to use all of the bandwidth for yourself or those you have allowed access to. Since everyone is given a limited amount of bandwidth based on their plan, it will not change no matter how many people you have using it. What happens with private Internet is that the people must share the bandwidth when they are on the Internet. The more people you have on the system, the less speed everyone has. Not only can this slow you down when you are browsing or surfing the Internet, it can make it difficult to transfer large files or stream from the Internet.

As traffic bogs the system down, pages will take longer to load and may time out. It will take longer to do whatever you are attempting to do and add to your frustration. In addition, some tasks over the Internet take up more bandwidth such as playing games or downloading videos or other information off of the Internet. That will use up more bandwidth and leave everyone else with less.

To prevent these issues from happening, use private Wifi for your Internet access. Everyone will be required to have a log-in ID and password before they will be able to use your Internet. This prevents just anyone from gaining access. In addition, you can set up the user to only get a limited portion of the bandwidth instead of using up all of it. This allows everyone the opportunity to be on the Internet and accomplish what they want.

If you do have private Wifi, make sure your passwords are strong so that others cannot hack into the system and use your Internet without your knowledge. This means using a combination of letters,numbers, and characters for your password. You can also monitor how many users are on your system with your administrator rights. This will tell you if someone is using your private Wifi without your permission. If this is the case, you will need to change your passwords. Make sure you do not give out your password to anyone who is not allowed onto your system.

Private Wifi is important for home Internet access, but it is essential for a home office setup. It will protect the information you transmit as well as provide the speed you want to get work done in a timely manner. Find a quality service provider and get set up with your own system for your convenience and safety.

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