How to Make Sure You Are Enrolled in a Quality TEFL Course

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    Nov 20, 2013
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How to Make Sure You Are Enrolled in a Quality TEFL Course Photo by Robert Had

Taking the time to learn a new skill can be difficult for a lot of people. If you have already established a job for yourself and have a social life, then finding the time to further your education or career goals is not always easy. When you do find the time, you want to make sure that the education or training that you are getting is of high quality. This is especially important when pursuing certificate training, such as in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). To make sure you are enrolled in a quality TEFL course, you will want to look at the structure of the course, its TEFL accrediting organisation, and the help it gives its students upon completion.

The structure of your TEFL course can tell you a lot about it. To get a certificate in TEFL, you need 120 hours of training or course study. For many programs, this is done through a combination of classes and online work. The course will usually cover topics such as teaching approaches, teaching methodologies, TEFL theory, English grammar, and teaching practice. Your program should help you to feel confident as a teacher. If your program is accredited, the TEFL accrediting organisation can help give you some insight into the quality of the program.

A good TEFL accrediting organisation has certain standards that must be met before they accredit a given program or course of study. To make sure that you are enrolled in a quality course, you should make sure that your TEFL course is accredited and look at the standards that the accrediting body looks for. In addition, make sure your TEFL program’s accreditation is current, as accreditation can be revoked if a course fails to maintain accreditation standards.

A quality TEFL program will also seek to help out students when certification is complete. Many programs will help you to find volunteer teaching opportunities around the UK, or may point you in the direction of some job opportunities in other countries. Whatever the case may be, good programs will try to help their students even after the course is completed.

With all of the different programs that are available and the demands on your personal time, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which TEFL courses are quality ones worth taking. You should consider carefully the structure of the TEFL program, look at the course’s TEFL accrediting organisation, and check on the help the program gives its students after certification. All of this should point you toward a quality TEFL course worth taking.

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