How You can Prepare to Become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

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    Nov 22, 2013
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How You can Prepare to Become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Photo by Robert Had

Becoming a teacher of English in a foreign country is a great goal to explore, especially if you want to travel and mingle with people in other cultures. In addition, you get the personal satisfaction of knowing you will help others learn English as a second language, thus possibly helping them raise the level of their economic status. How is the best way to prepare? Accreditation TEFL courses are the answer.

By going through this training, you can become proficient in teaching adults, teens and children the English language, which can help them better their lives. You will want to study correct grammatical rules and learn various teaching methods to adjust to the particular classes you might have. Many areas in different countries are looking for teachers to come help teach their students the English language. You have many choices as to where to go in the world. However, they don’t want just anyone. A certificate from a qualified and recognized TEFL organisation can help you get your foot in the door.

Where can you get this training? Do your homework. You can check online or check with a college or university in your area for suggestions. Costs can range anywhere from $190 to $2000. To receive an Accreditation TEFL certificate, the minimum number of course hours is 100 hours of academics plus 6 to 20 hours live practice. Live practice means teaching in an actual classroom situation. It could take you anywhere from 4 weeks (20 days) to about 2 to 3 months to complete the training if you can only do it part time.

If you go to all the work to become certified, it might be important to you to go through a course that offers lifetime job placement. Most of these accreditation TEFL courses should be able to put you in touch with other teachers who can give you helpful ideas for preparation, especially as it relates to the area where you are planning on going. You will need to get a VISA, update your vaccinations, and possibly get an international drivers license. Find out all you can on what type of clothing would be good to take, foods you might miss from home that you could take with you, teaching aids that would be easier to take from home such as video or audio equipment. And definitely, find a good guidebook or phrasebook for the major languages spoken where you are going.

After you obtain your Accreditation TEFL certificate, start applying and see where in the world you can travel to enjoy the sites, the cultures, and the people. Start preparing to enjoy a satisfying and fun life now.

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