The Importance of a TEFL Accreditation Body

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    Nov 26, 2013
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The Importance of a TEFL Accreditation Body Photo by Robert Had

What is the importance of a TEFL accreditation body? There are many important roles which these bodies play. Naturally, the quality of the standards which the body establishes will affect the choices of potential employers looking for TEFL teachers. The standards established by the accreditation body will also influence the type and quality of instruction provided by the approved course providers. The student who completes the coursework provided in TEFL courses will be affected by the work of the accreditation body because the value of the course completion certificate will be dependent upon that body.

What are some of the standards set forth by a reputable TEFL accreditation organisation? Some of the most basic standards involve the methods employed by TEFL organisations and providers to advertise their business and to draw in students. This will govern the type and quantity of information shared as well as the how much the course and any materials will cost.

Another source of rules by which course providers will need to abide by in order to maintain their accreditation is how the students are chosen who participate in the course. The admissions policy must be clear and straightforward. The requirements for gaining entry should be made available to applicants and must include a requirement to demonstrate complete competency in the English language.

Next, the course provider will need to demonstrate their teaching methods and practices in order to earn the approval of the TEFL accreditation body. This might also affect the backgrounds of the teachers who work for the course providers and the educational credentials which the teachers hold.

Another important feature put into place by accreditation from the appropriate TEFL accreditation body affects the content of the course. The accreditation officers will review the types of materials being used by the course providers and will review the coherency of the materials as well as exploring how appropriate the pace of instruction is the pace of learning held by the students.

Standards regarding the feedback which students provide concerning their instructors, assessment policies and methods of assessment, distribution of completion certificates, and other factors influencing the type of materials used in the classroom will also be of importance as you look for a course provider who has been approved of by a reputable accreditation body.

When you have decided to enroll in a course to earn a TEFL certificate, you have chosen a path with many rewarding benefits. It would be unfortunate if you completed the class only to discover that your course provider was not approved by a TEFL accreditation body and that potential employers won’t respect your certificate. Before you enroll, make sure that your course provider has all of the paperwork in place to run a well-respected establishment.

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