Your Accreditation TEFL Certificate Can Help You Get Better Teaching Positions

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    Dec 02, 2013
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Your Accreditation TEFL Certificate Can Help You Get Better Teaching Positions Photo by Robert Had

As a newly graduated TEFL teacher, one of your first tasks will be to apply and interview for those teaching positions in the countries where you most hope to get hired. If you have worked through a course which met the appropriate accreditation TEFL guidelines, your interview and job opportunities can lead to the positions with the most desirable benefits.

When you interview for each position, there are some important questions which you should ask each potential employer. These questions will help you to avoid the positions you don’t want and to find the positions with the benefits that your accreditation TEFL certificate qualifies you for.

For example, most qualified teachers spend about 20 hours a week in classroom time and additional time on preparing lessons or grading assignments and exams. Some of the questions which you’ll want to ask is how many classes you will be teaching and how long each of those classes will last. You may also want to find out how many students will be in the class. Without a TEFL certificate from an accredited school, you may not be able to qualify for the typical classes and might find yourself in a teaching position which requires more than 20 hours in classroom time or in a class with more than a hundred students, reducing the quality of your student/teacher interactions.

As a TEFL teacher with the appropriate Accreditation TEFL certification, you can qualify for teaching positions that come with paid accommodation and insurance benefits. During your interview, you might want to ask about the accommodations that the school can provide. In some situations, you will be housed on campus and other employers may provide you with compensation for your rent and utilities.

It will also be important that you ask how you will be evaluated during the course of the teaching position. Some employers enforce strict teaching evaluations. If you don’t perform according to the criteria of the evaluations, you may find that you are out of a job. While your teaching certificate won’t affect the difficulty of the evaluations, an TEFL course meeting the highest accreditation TEFL standards will prepare you with the quality of teaching skills that you’ll need to meet the strict criteria of your employers.

Your schooling will prepare you for potential teaching positions. When you choose a TEFL course that has been accredited by an internationally-recognised organization, you will have options open to you that other TEFL teachers don’t have. You will also have the confidence during interviews to ask about the conditions surrounding your teaching experience, leading you to the best positions available.

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