First Steps to Building Your Own House

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    Mar 18, 2013
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Judging by the number of home buying, DIY and building programmes you see on the TV, it is fair to say that Britain is a nation obsessed by property. Yet many of our actual houses are dull, uninspiring, developer-built boxes. However, if you crave something different and distinctive what’s the answer? Well, how about building your own house?

Land Ahoy!

The first step to building a house is of course to obtain some land to build it on. This may not be quite as simple as you think. Getting permission to build on a green field site is difficult if not impossible in some areas so don’t just dash out and purchase a field with a nice view. You’re better off going to an estate agent and finding an existing ugly or dilapidated house. Most councils will not object to your pulling it down and starting again, especially if it’s a bit of an eyesore. However, beware of buying anything pre-WW2 as it may have claims to historical value and therefore might be protected.

Getting Permission

Of course before you can build anything you need to get permission. Planning regulations tend to be relatively conservative and you’ll struggle to get approval for anything too avant-garde. However, provided you give a nod to local building styles and materials you should be okay. This needn’t mean that the house has to be a dull copy of those around it; it simply means that by cleverly incorporating contemporary design with local materials you can create a distinctive and interesting outcome.

Choosing an Architect

An architectural consultants role isn’t just to design the building as they can also help to manage the whole process. By negotiating with contractors, a good architect can take much of the stress out of a building project. It’s a good idea to engage with a firm that has knowledge of the local area as they’ll be able to advise on specific conditions and requirements and offer a wide array of architectural services.

Talk to several firms about your project and ask if they’ve done similar types of work. They should be happy to show you examples of other similar jobs they’ve done and have recommendations from other clients.

It’s important to find an architect that you’re at ease working with as you’ll be having a lot of contact with them over the course of a project. Of course you need to talk about fees too. Some will charge according to the time they spend on the project others will take a percentage of the project cost.

Building your own home isn’t an easy option. But as a way of getting your ideal property it has a lot to commend it. It can also be enormously fulfilling to see your project realised in three dimensions and you’ll have the knowledge that once it’s complete you’re living in something truly unique.

If you’re planning on building your own house you need a good firm of architectural consultants in Lincoln or your preferred area. It is vital that you speak to local experts when choosing an architect to find one who can offer you exactly what you want and who will work well with you.

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