How to Prepare for an Accredited TEFL Course

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    Nov 19, 2013
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How to Prepare for an Accredited TEFL Course Photo by Robert Had

Pursuing higher education can open up more job opportunities and more experiences than just a standard education alone. Some people do not want to go to expensive graduate schools directly after completing their childhood education, and others find that they need more experience in order to use their higher degrees. Completing a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course that is regulated by the World TEFL Acceding Commission (WTEFLAC) is a great way to get a TEFL certificate quickly. Once you have completed the course and have a certificate, you can then seek employment in countries all over the world.

Prerequisites for a TEFL Course

Most opportunities for higher education require potential students to take course to prepare them, or require a certain amount of knowledge before being eligible to enrol. Some TEFL courses require a University degree, but others only require their students to have a native understanding of English reading and writing. There are people who did not focus on English in school that may think that they cannot pursue a career teaching English abroad, but this is not true. The only other requirement for these WTEFLAC classes is an enthusiasm for teaching and a desire to live overseas.

Once a person has enrolled in a WTEFLAC regulated course, the learning begins. A person should set aside at least 100 hours dedicated specifically to complete the course material. A TEFL course will be a mostly virtual experience, but there is also a weekend class held in different cities around the UK. You can pick the course that is closest to you so that finishing the work is as convenient as possible.

You should be prepared with questions since you will have help, even when you are completing the virtual segment. Tutors are available to answer questions and to give additional instruction. Many people complete the virtual work within a month, and after completing the 20 hours of classroom tutelage, they are ready to look for a job overseas.

Choosing a Destination

As you are working on your course material, be thinking of where you would like to apply to work. You can check the job listings provided by the TEFL course and apply as soon as you get your credentials. There are many places that are popular choices and each position receives many applications. If you do not get the job you want right away, consider volunteering to teach English in your area. WTEFLAC regulated courses can provide guaranteed volunteer job placement to keep your skills fresh as you wait for the position you want.

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