Customer Service Outsourcing Five Things to Look for in the Best

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    Jan 04, 2013
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If you are currently shopping for customer service outsourcing, congratulations on making a wise decision to reduce your overhead costs and increase your return on investment (ROI). Before you get too excited about this exciting cost reduction prospect for your business, it’s always wise to comprise a checklist of what you should look for with the customer service outsourcing partner that you decide to entrust. Use this easy list to know how to find the very best customer service outsourcing provider with ease.

Low Wait Times
Inquire about their average wait times. That’s the time that customers calling in wait for, on average, with their customer service outsourcing center. You want to compare those wait time averages to the average all around (something you can find out by looking it up online). If the wait times are low, that’s good; they should be below the average.

Fluent, Soft Spoken Reps
Ask to hear recordings of the reps’ voices or to speak with a few reps. Think of this as your own method of quality assurance. With some  customer service outsourcing   services, the reps are poorly trained and struggle to speak English. Make sure reps that are working for your campaign are fluent and soft spoken.

Modern Facilities
Make sure to review the facility specs of the customer service outsourcing service that you are consider. They should be offered upon request, and some services even provide this information on their website. Make sure the facilities are modern and use state-of-the-art technologies for the best results with your chosen customer service outsourcing services provider.

Dedicated Project Managers
Only ever opt for a customer service outsourcing services provider that assign you a dedicated project manager. This is a priceless amenity that should never be overlooked or discredited. That’s because a dedicated project manager keeps you updated all of the time, sends you vital reports, and is your direct connection to the customer service outsourcing center.

Competitive Rates
Of course, before you decide upon just any customer service outsourcing services provider, make sure that you shop around and compare rates. There are plenty of fabulous providers that charge very feasible and fair rates, but you have to shop to find them. Also, look for hybrid billing plans and a customer service outsourcing services provider that is flexible with their rate plans. By following these simple tips, you can easily net yourself a reliable outsourcing partner that can help you meet your customer service goals within your set budget.

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Learn about five things to look for in the best customer service outsourcing partners, so you can make an educated decision.

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