Having a Special? Grow Your Dental Practice Through Direct Mail

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    Apr 13, 2013
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dr. yuko
dr. yuko
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There are so many different ways to advertise your business. You can use television or radio advertisements, however both can be expensive. They are also very easy for people to ignore. With the simple push of a button the station can be changed to something more interesting and your money has been wasted. Most people may never even hear the ad at all, much less remember it. What else can be done that won’t be so easily ignored?

Direct mail marketing for dental offices is a fantastic way to reach potential customers as well as make sure that they see it. People enjoy getting mail and will look at every piece – even if it is something they consider unnecessary. And when the mail has to do with a dental practice, it may be exactly what they were looking for.

Perfect for Specials and More

Direct mail means putting a piece of your business directly in the person’s hands. With something as simple as a postcard they already have all of your information. Where you are located, how to contact you, what services you offer, and if you have any specials that you are currently offering. Direct mail is the perfect way to offer specials, such as free cleanings or discounts for new customers. All sorts of opportunities open up for both you and potential customers. Someone who may be new to the area and looking for a dentist will have your information and give you a call.

People can hang onto your postcard marketing as well. This means they have your information for much longer than if they had heard it on the radio or television. One day they may be looking through a drawer and come across your postcard. Even if there was a special that is no longer valid, they may be in circumstances that require them to seek out dental assistance. This means that once again you gain a new customer through direct mail marketing.

You do your job and the postcards will do theirs. People look at every piece of mail. You simply never know what might be important. So you know you will have many sets of local eyes on your postcard. Use this to your advantage so potential customers will see that you are the right business and will come to your business. If you would like, you can offer people discounts or coupons on services. Make it worth their while to come in or to hang onto the postcard.

Let Direct Mail Work for You

The purpose of direct mail is to do all the legwork for you. You can put all sorts of information on a postcard, and what’s more you can use our free design services to get the perfect postcard to send out. We handle everything from the creation of the postcards and mail to sending them out to locations we believe will work best for you. Let us help in providing you with the best mail marketing campaign and getting you the customers you deserve.

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