How Does Direct Mail Work for Small Businesses?

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    Jun 12, 2013
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Business of Software - Dharmesh Shah
Business of Software - Dharmesh Shah
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Have you been thinking about direct mail advertising for your small business? Does direct mail advertising work for small businesses? Is it even an effective means of advertising? And, just as importantly, is it expensive?

Many sole proprietorships and small practices believe that these techniques simply do not apply to them. That could not be further from the truth: direct mail is ideal for small businesses, whether they want to stay small or grow.

Planning and executing a successful campaign can seem overwhelming. You have to reach the right people, create a list of targeted prospects, design your materials. It not only sounds time-consuming, it sounds pricey! It does not need to be, though. Working with a professional direct mail advertising company can reduce the cost and provide a healthy return on your investment.

Comprehensive Pricing

Many direct mailing companies charge for marketing analysis, design, call tracking, reporting, and other services separately. Instead, opt for a service that charges one price: you order X postcards and pay Y for each. The services mentioned before are rolled into this per-piece cost. When comparing costs for different companies, make sure to consider that while you may see pricing that is less per piece – but remember, other services will be added to your bill. A simple, affordable pricing system is ideal for small practices.

A Little Card Can Do a Lot

Another direct mail value for smaller businesses is the versatility of postcards. They can be used to remind customers about their appointments, announce specials, generate interest in your practice with non-customers, and build greater brand awareness. An example: you could offer a free product or service for a new customer, or you could offer a “buy-one-get-one” coupon for existing customers. Advertising in this way is much more cost-effective than designing campaigns for television, radio, or even print media, like newspapers.

Show Off Your Size

Postcards can help you reach those customers who do not want to go to a large company. Perhaps they want staff to remember their names, or they feel as though they receive more personalized attention every time they come in. Whatever the reason, you can use postcards to emphasize that your small business is capable of delivering fantastic service in a smaller, comfortable setting.

Let Mudlick Mail show you how to create direct mail postcards that work for your small business. For a reasonable price, you can draw new (and lapsed) patients to your office. It’s good for dental health and your budget’s health as well.

When you work with a direct mailing company, they can help you explore the many ways you can use postcards to give your dental business a boost. We will help you put together the right message for the right audience.

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