Check Bleacher Maintenance Off Your Task List

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    Jun 27, 2014
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Business Map for Peter Murdock/By Jonny Goldstein
Business Map for Peter Murdock/By Jonny Goldstein
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Year after year, it seems without fail, there are numerous reports of bleacher accidents in the headlines. The media does little to quell the public's increasing worry about bleacher safety. Bleachers are a very common seating option and the last thing you want is patrons who are hurt as a result of negligence. What is most frustrating aspect is that most bleacher accidents could have been predicted with the right care and maintenance, a bit of extra work now could go a long way toward keeping those spectators safe. Right now the perfect time to handle maintenance, as if you do discover problems, you have a bit of time on your hands to fix them.

Here is a checklist that can help you keep everyone on your bleachers safe in the upcoming season.

- Take a look at the obvious stuff. Stairs, ramps, and aisles should all be clean, free of debris, and in good working order. If you notice any loose flooring or seats that are splintering, you should certainly have it repaired immediately. Other damaged areas should be noted and assessed for their overall impact on the safety of your bleacher system.

- Look at all of the fasteners, including the nuts and bolts. Make sure that they're as tight as they should be. If any of them are missing completely, replace them.

- Examine the wall and floor anchors. Are they as tight as they should be? Do they look a bit worn? If they’re damaged or missing completely, replace them. If they’ve served well for quite some time, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and replace them then as well.

- Look at welded joints. You should see them both in the frames and in the bracing of the bleachers. Make certain the welds are holding well. If they seem loose at all, have them looked at by a professional.

- Any parts that produce friction need to be lubricated now and mid-way through the season. If it looks like damage has occurred because of a lack of lubrication, make certain you have it addressed.

- Take a close look at the handrails and safety rails along the sides and backs of the bleachers. The rails themselves as well as the mounting hardware need to be carefully examined for possible problems.

The best thing you can do for your patrons is to have a professional inspector look over your bleachers before the season starts. He or she will not only carefully look at your bleacher system from every possible angle, but also certify that they have recently been inspected, helping to indemnify you in the even tragedy occurs in the future. Talk to the professionals who installed your bleachers to see if they offer inspection services.

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