Customer Feedback Strategies and Types

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    Feb 28, 2013
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Customer feedback is key to improving your business. Taking customer opinions into account, you will not only survive, but thrive in your business market. Knowing and analyzing the customer is the secret to promoting good relations and your company image.

There are a few strategies followed by companies to get customer feedback. Here are a few of them:

- Web-Based: Customer feedback is collected through online methods in this strategy. Online tools are developed to get real time feedback. Creating tools and getting advice is very easy and swift through online methods. Plenty of companies have websites and go for online surveys to get effective results. This is inexpensive, too. Some websites have tools that include follow-up questions, which generate questions based on the previous question’s answer. For a more customizable survey, there are several online services which do customer satisfaction research for companies.

- Telephone-Based: The voice of the customer in your business adds an advantage to any type of business. Even though they are not as commonly used as a web based survey, telephone based surveys have their own benefits. Customers with can answer the call and provide accurate and personal feedback of their experience. This type of survey is encouraged for loyal customers. Many busy working people find it hard to find the time to fill out an online survey or fill out written feedback. Those people may be more easily reached through the telephone.

- Written: It’s a little bit complicated to get feedback in written form. Still, there are a lot of people that will take the time to give advice or criticism on how they experienced your service and the overall performance of the company. Preparing a form or creating a questionnaire will tell you things like whether they are satisfied with your service, how to improve your performance, any new technologies they would like to see implemented, and more. You can usually get more information with written feedback. If you provide an incentive to fill out the questionnaire you will probably get more people who will take the time to fill it out.

The above three strategies can result in three types of response. The feedback you receive may be about the product’s quality or it may be an idea to improve the business or it may be a criticism. Let’s see the three types here:

i. Accolade: This type of feedback is the outcome of a good product and best service. Consumers give compliments if they are impressed and satisfied with your customer service. Loyal customers will never deny how much they appreciate your business and wonderful customer service, if they are satisfied with good quality and genuine service.

ii. Enhancing Ideas: The feedback which includes ideas and suggestions for improving your business is the next type. You can get this type of feedback from your employees, employers or your customers who have the most knowledge on the products or services that will enhance the product, service or even internal processes.

iii. Grievance: If the customer is not satisfied with any part of your service or products, they will probably complain and communicate their dissatisfaction.

Knowing the type of comments customers will provide can help you have a positive approach towards the feedback and be willing to respond accordingly, and this should increase your revenue.

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Evan Kerrington started working in customer service at the age of 16. He strongly believes in marketing to the common factors in a customer profile and using customer feedback programs in customer loyalty research.

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