Incentives Needed in Direct Mail

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    Dec 05, 2012
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Some of the most successful companies out there right now are using direct mail because they know that direct mail is the way to go, but are you wondering how to tweak those response rates just a little more? The answer is quite simple - use incentives in your direct mail.

Incentives are great and there are many different incentives you can offer to potential customers to help get your foot in the door with your product line or your services. Here are just a few that may help start your train of thought.

- Trendy gadgets are one excellent choice. For example, imagine you’re a company that deals with alternative energy solutions for homes. Giving away a free solar cell phone charger with every consultation is one great way to get people through the door and show them what you have to offer. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to charge their cell phone for free during a power outage?

- A special shopping experience can be a real bonus for some customers. Imagine, for example, opening one hour early on the biggest shopping day of the year for certain responders. You could also offer something like a free bonus night where certain customers have the chance to come through your store and grab free samples of many products you’re offering. They may not come to you if you simply offer a few early bird specials, but give them an entire shopping experience, and they’ll be willing participants.

- Coupons are the tried and true incentive, and they do still work, but you have to be a bit more careful and a little less frugal than you once did. Customers these days are looking for real deals, and whether you want to simply offer them a free gift card to your store with any purchase or you’re going to give them 50% off their first visit, the key with coupons is to make them truly worthy of the customer’s time.

No matter which incentive you choose, it’s important to remember a few things as you try to formulate the right one to meet your needs.

1. Be original. Every brick and mortar shop uses the phrase, “Come early and save!” You have to go with something few other people are doing for it to truly be an incentive.

2. Remember to make certain that your incentive fits well with your message. If your competitors are offering exactly the same thing, your message is going to get lost in the pile of others.

3. Make certain it truly resonates with your target audience.

Incentives can certainly be the way to help your next marketing campaign take off. Without the right one, though, you can bet you won’t get the level of engagement you’re looking for.

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