How Not to do email marketing!

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    Jun 04, 2013
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Market your business by email
Market your business by email
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When marketing your business online, you have several options. You can choose email marketing, place ads, buy hits, create promotional web pages, write blogs and more. But while you are doing all that, you may actually find yourself making some mistakes repeatedly that can damage your marketing campaign and harm your business on the whole. One such thing is email spam. Regardless of what you might have believed or learned, any email sent to a person who did not request it would be treated as spam by the receiver. Hence while email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching the target audience, it need not turn into spam. Follow some basic rules to make sure your email is not discarded as trash even before it’s opened by the receiver:

Double check your source. This means find out where you got the email address from. Did the person leave his email while visiting the guest book on your website? If yes, then you can go ahead and send them some emails. Did the person visit another similar site and is interested in products like yours? If yes, you are on the safer side just don’t overdo it. Did you randomly buy an email list and started sending emails? If yes, you are spamming and hence must not waste your time or theirs.

Are the contents interesting? Marketing is all about catching the receiver’s attention. Does your ad leave an impression? Does your email contain content others would be seriously interested in? Or is it full of fillers because you just want someone to visit your website and are not interested in designing an effective marketing campaign. If that is the case, you are again losing focus and hurting your business.
If possible, seek receiver’s explicit permission before sending emails. You can create a check-box on your webpage so people can opt in and out of emails. Or you can ask for their email clearly explaining that you might also send them few emails now and then.

Last but not the least. Do not overdo it. Every time you see four emails from the same company, you want to delete at least two of them even if you love the company. For this reason, please do not overdo it and don’t go overboard with email marketing. Your business will do so much better when you avoid spamming and learn some basic rules of sending effective emails to potential clients.

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