Make Your Golf Swing Traditional

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    Apr 16, 2013
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Make Your Golf Swing Traditional Photo by Shiang Wong

The game of golf became popular in the 19th century. Since then the golf swing has evolved into a work of art. Most amateur golfers do not use a traditional golf swing. They frequently swing quite differently not only each time they play, but also each time they swing. This can cause problems not only in their game, but also may cause injury.

A traditional golf swing involves many parts of the body working in conjunction with each other. It’s as fluid as the movements of a ballet dancer. It starts with addressing the ball. This is done by choosing the appropriate distance from the ball so that the club face strikes the ball at the perigee of the swing. At the proper distance the club should lean into the hip area.

Next is foot placement and knees. It is important to plant your feet firmly at about the length of the shoulders. This allows a well balanced stance and helps provide the best momentum. The knees should be slightly bent and relaxed. This is an important first step and should not be rushed.

The grip on the club is also very important. It has been suggested that the grip be like holding a live bird cupped in your hands. In other words, the grip should be firm, but not tight. The grip should be in the middle of the covered handle of the club so that the swing is smooth.

For right handed players, the left elbow is kept straight as the right elbow bends as the club is drawn back. On the follow through, both elbows will bend. For left handed players just reverse it.

To complete a traditional golf swing the player should keep their head down. It is important to keep your eyes looking at the ball throughout the entire swing, even after the ball is struck. This also helps with the shoulders. For a successful follow thru the shoulders must pivot along with the hips. Keeping the head down not only allows you to see the ball, but also to bring these factors into harmony.

Combining all of these functions in a smooth and fluid manner will allow your game to improve and remain consistent. Remember, whether it is a simple golf swing or a traditional one, the best way to improve at golf is to practice often. The best place to hone a golf swing is a driving range. Without the distraction of actual game play it is easier to focus on the fundamentals of the swing.

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