Burning For You: Best Way to Get Rid of Fat

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    Mar 11, 2013
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Burning For You: Best Way to Get Rid of Fat Photo by Shiang Wong

Burning fat is a bit of a misnomer. You can only burn calories, but depending on your nutrition plan, you can combine what and when you eat with your workouts so that you position yourself to burn the excess fat that you have. You want the calories you burn to come from fat, not lean muscle. And after all, that is what everyone wants, to get rid of the excess fat. So simply put, here's the best way to burn fat.

There is a tiered system of how your body finds calories to burn for energy. A good rule of thumb is First In - Last Out. That is why it is so challenging to burn excess bodyfat that you may have had for awhile. Your body will burn calories from food you have consumed first before getting energy from the fat or lean muscle stores you have. So one key to the best way to burn fat is to moderate your caloric intake. If you are consuming fewer calories than you can burn, your body will then begin to use the resources it already has to create energy.

Next you need to demand calories from your body by burning more calories through exercising. If your body has burned the calories that you have consumed, it will then begin to utilize energy from the fat and lean muscle stores in your body. But not all calories are equal. If you are consuming an adequate amount of protein, the building block of lean muscle, then it will burn fat and preserve more of the lean muscle you have. If you consume more carbohydrates or sugar or saturated fats, then it will burn your lean muscle first.

Putting this together means you should only eat or drink enough to get you to your workouts and no more so that you are utilizing your body stores. Combine this with consuming at least 30% of your calories from high-quality proteins and you assure that you will burn fat.

The final piece of the puzzle is to maintain this approach over the long run. Your body will adapt it's metabolism to burn fat more efficiently as you continue to demand more calories than you consume and what you eat is good, healthy foods focusing on protein intake. As you burn fat and increase your amount of lean muscle, your body becomes like a fat-burning furnace.

It isn't rocket science, but it is a formula that you need to follow if you want to burn fat. Understanding how your body works will help you align your exercise and nutrition to burn the fat you want and change your body.

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