Marketing Will Always Be the Most Important Thing When Growing a Business

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    Nov 26, 2012
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Many people spend too many resources to establish a business venture; it is however never guaranteed that the business will remain in operation past the first three years after its inception. It is also documented that many ventures fail within their first three years. Perhaps what the investors do not tell you is that they mainly fail due to lack of proper marketing plans.

Without a good and aggressive marketing team, your business is as good as doomed. You can have the best product or concept in the universe but it will be lost without proper marketing. The slightest color change on an ad for your product when the seasons change or even targeting a different age demographic for certain cities and districts could make all the difference. This however takes planing, and the better your business can master marketing is the stronger that business will be.

While the capital investment is always significant, it is equally vital to make sure you have carried out enough research. The importance of good research cannot be underrated for business at its start up. For example, without adequate capital you will need to have some fundraising skills and good cost effective resources to cover up for the inadequacy. There's many ways to get things done with a low budget like getting free business cards from Vista Print or having people do just about anything for your business on Fiverr starting at just five bucks a request, and there's many resources like these that can help your business, on the internet and locally, one just has to research and dig deep to find it.

For a long time, the use of business cards has been the most prominent of marketing campaign tips. When you have an idea to sell to people, you can always print business cards and have your brief portfolio and or contact printed on them. Each time you meet a potential client, you can easily chat but you must make sure you dish out a card to have them physically leave with something in lieu of future ventures. This is a surefire way of keeping contacts.

Many people simply keep cards given to them at exhibitions and in trade fairs even though they may not have an immediate need for the product or service that the associate they have met may be offering. It might occasionally take a long time before they eventually need the service. When this happens however, the service providers whose cards are in the prospect's possession will stand a better chance at winning the job because they are most likely to be contacted first.

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