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    Nov 26, 2012
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The entertainment industry is rapid changing and fast growing. Its consumer base, styles and tastes change more times than it could even grow in any given fiscal quarter. With an extremely fickle and volatile demographic, this industry is one of the most difficult to break into.

Because of the heavy impact that social mediums has on the industry, there is a lot more to marketing in entertainment than one would think. Prospecting to clients is always more potent when done live and in person but in entertainment it is as how we say - truth.

Any campaign marketing a new product, service or event for the first time, (F.Y.I. you'll notice through my writings that I consider artists/bands & public figures to fall under the category of "product" which I'll also explain in another article) should do so two parts direct marketing and one part warm market or social media marketing. At times social media tends to overlap with warm market advertising in the case of Facebook being able reach out to friends of friends.

Two parts direct marketing and one part social media marketing is one of the greatest formulas you will have for marketing entertainment. For example, if you're holding a special entertainment event and your marketing/advertising campaign is three months before the event date, lets say January 1st to March 31st, then you would go out in the field and had out flyers and other promotional media directly to the consumer in January and February, while March would be left for focusing on mailing lists Facebook pages and video promotions. Though as not to say you shouldn't start promoting your event online and doing mailings and such from January, it just means it should get a full throttle, undivided attention, strategic push from you and your marketing team in March. Once this product or service is branded, however, this marketing strategy will no longer apply.

Receiving a flyer or business card from a person while you grab a coffee or leave a bar (be they friend, foe or stranger) will always be more powerful and effective than those same ones seeing it in an email message, reading about it on their Facebook wall or seeing it in their twitter feed. The extreme social aspects of the entertainment industry make the fusion of direct marketing and social media marketing a perfect match.

With all the new technology, it is easier to print business cards now than it was several years back. Many might want to pretend that the business card error is being overtaken by the new social media platform, this is not entirely true. These two marketing methods should actually work hand in hand to ensure you get the best out of the two. It is also good to note that cards can easily be fitted into wallets and thus can be taken to wherever you go regardless of the distance.

Because you have the liberty to include all your contacts including your social media platform identity, you can easily combine the use of both and reach even more clients in the process. As a matter of fact, if you have a simple workstation in your office and a little graphic designing knowledge; you can actually print your cards for free.

With all the above tips, you can easily grow your business from scratch or simply revamp a business that is making very low-income to change for the better. For companies that have been in operation for some time and seems to be taking a downturn into loss making, investing in great marketing teams should do the trick.

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