A Bright Future for the Thunder

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    Nov 29, 2013
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A Bright Future for the Thunder Photo by Lemmy Morrie

The Oklahoma City Thunder is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the NBA right now and in the adjacent future. They have two elite players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook who are still about to reach their athletic prime. They are surrounded by solid role players that allows them to be at their best and there are young talented players that will provide continuous support to their main core. All the tools to be successful are there and the team's front office has been excellent in taking advantage of every bit of it. While the curtain is closing on some of the NBA teams, it is only just beginning for the Thunder.

Superstar Duo

Both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook who are playing amazing basketball these past couple seasons. They have carried the team to its current status as one of the best teams in the league. They once reached the cusp of a championship and are hungry for the ultimately achievement in the NBA.

Their youth gives them the ability to improve some more and their hunger gives them the motivation to do so. Given the fact that they are almost impossible to cover right now, the image of them improving is a scary thought for fans of other teams.

Solid Roster

Consistency is usually a problem with young teams. However, by surrounding the team with some heady veterans and consistent role-players, the Thunder has been able to become one of the most consistent club in the league.

Talented Youth

Another important factor that will ensure future success for the team in the future is its abundance of young talent. The front office has done a marvelous job of finding players with potentials and allowing them to develop. While other rebuilding teams have a hard time giving their young players playing time, the Thunder has been able to become one of the best teams while allotting plenty of valuable minutes for their youngsters to develop.

This method of talent development not only creates building pieces but also increase the trade assets of the team.

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