Something to Improve On for the Indiana Pacers

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    Dec 07, 2013
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Something to Improve On for the Indiana Pacers Photo by Lemmy Morrie

With more than month and around 20 games into the NBA season, there is enough of a sample size required to judge teams according to their strengths and weaknesses. While logic dictates to look at the bad teams to see where they can improve, I prefer to scrutinize the top performing teams to figure out their weakness. Let's face it, it is more interesting to talk about winning teams.

This time around, we are talking about the Indiana Pacers. As of writing, the Pacers have the best record in the league with their 7 wins and only 2 losses. They are playing the best defense in the league right now. They are also dominating games as backed by them having the highest point differential per game. They are no doubt the best team right now.

So what can the current best team in the NBA improve on?

Ball Movement

Watching all their games this season and checking on the team stats, it is easy to see that the team still lacks ball movement. A data that supports this claim is their 19th rank in assists per game. It's not that they are playing isolation or are selfish. Their offensive sets are pretty good in getting the ball to the one it was designed for. However, they lack the propensity to make the extra pass that could lead to an easier and better shot attempt.

They are too methodical for their own good that when opposing teams put the effort to deny their sets, they often end up with bad shot attempts. They lack the creativity to come up with quality shots from broken set plays.

This could be a problem when they face the best teams in the playoffs who are focused on disrupting their offense. As good as Paul George has been in hitting shots, the team can't put the burden of the entire offense on him.

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